Total Word Files Converter v3.6.2.6 Cracked

Total Word Files Converter is an innovative software created to convert word files into different other formats. The software is capable of converting 1000s of word files into different formats within seconds. Total Word Files Converter can convert a single word file into other formats of word like doc. into docx., doc. to dot., etc. It also can convert Word files into different formats, like doc. into pdf, docx. into html and in any format you wish to. Conversion of files can take a lot of time when it is done by picking up a single file and converting it. But with this software this task becomes very easy and time saving. The user can deposit and convert a whole folder of word files and convert them. It convert the doc files to other word format like docx, pdf and other. It is the best tool for converting the multiple doc files to other word format.

Though Total Word Files Converter software is a hi-tech tool but its usage is really easy. The user has to just drag the files or folder and dump. Rest of the work will be done by the software. The user can save the converted files either on desktop or any target folder selected. The user can also see the time taken to convert the files. The software also shows the details of any fault during conversion. Total Word Files Converter is capable to work in all versions of windows.

Note : If you are using MS Word 2007 or less version.

To convert .doc and .docx files into .pdf and .xps, you have to download and install Save as PDF and XPS. To download this add-in click here Download



  • It can converts multiple .doc or .docx files into .dot, .dotm, .docm and .dotx files.
  • It can converts multiple .doc or .docx files into .html, .mhtml and .xml files.
  • It can converts multiple .doc or .docx files into .pdf and .xps files.
  • It can converts multiple .doc or .docx files into .txt and .rtf files.
  • It can converts multiple .doc files into .docx files.
  • It can converts multiple .docx files into .doc files.
  • A quick and easy single-click conversion process.
  • Converts thousands of files in batch process.
  • Allows the user to save converted files at user defined location.
  • Leaves out original text unaffected.
  • It converts multiple doc files to other extension of word in a minute.
  • It can be easily downloaded.
  • Works with different versions of Windows.
  • It can be used with all major versions of MS Word


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