Pin Blaster Exclusive Edition v2.80 Cracked

Searching for images, finding good titles for them, and then pinning each image, one by one on your Pinterest account can take hours and hours. Pin Blaster can do all the above, 100% automatically!

Pin Blaster and the Pin Grabber bonus product will allow you to scrape hundreds of existing images from Pinterest, whether it’s about a great costume, a new game, a great website themes, an awesome amazon product. After you downloaded hundreds of images, you simply hit 1 button and Pin Blaster will Pin all the images on your accounts, in the boards you want.

You can also use spyntax and multiple links, so each Pin has a unique website where the use will be redirected to after he clicks on that Pin.


Multiple account support

  • Create boards – multi threaded board creation in different categories
  • Check if accounts are still valid or not
  • Add board co creators (who can pin in your board)
  • Delete boards from accounts
  • View number of boards, followers and following for every account
  • Private and public proxy support (both ipv4 and ipv6)
  • 100% Http Requests making it very fast and reliable
  • Auto unblock accounts by connecting to the email associated with the account

Follow and Unfollow users

  • Scrape users from category, keyword, user or location (geo target)
  • Add users manually 1 by 1 or mass import from file
  • Follow users with all accounts or with a single account. You have the option to follow X users / account than switch to next account + tons of other options
  • Find all people you follow so you can unfollow them
  • Find fake friends (users that YOU FOLLOW but that do not follow you back)
  • Unfollow fake friends (works with 1 account or all your accounts)
  • Export users/followers

Pin Actions module (gather pins and like/repin/comment the pins)

  • Search for pins from a specific category, keyword or account
  • filter pins (gather pins that have minimum X likes or minimum Y repins)
  • Multi threaded like/repin/comment all the gathered pins
  • Change repin links
  • Use random boards or default boards when repinning

Content Poster (pin your own pins, add them to your blog

  • Add images manually directly from your PC
  • Import pins from Pin Grabber
  • Upload images on your blog and then pin on pinterest
  • Pin images directly on Pinterest
  • Enter custom repin links
  • Scedule actions so you can set and forget
  • Spyntax support
  • Mass like or comment your own pins
  • Multiple campaign support (multiple lists)
  • View pin preview (so you can see how it will look on Pinterest)
  • Shuffle or export pins

Pin Grabber – Scrape Pins

  • Download images from Pinterest based on category, keyword or account
  • Download images from
  • Set custom text before or after original description
  • Export directly for Pin Blaster

Other settings

  • Multi threaded for all functions
  • Custom delays on all actions you do (random between 2 values)
  • Private and public proxy support
  • Log reports (on screen log reporting, you can track the status of your current action, see errors etc…
  • Auto watermark the images before you upload them
  • Do actions on 1 account or on a group of accounts at a time
  • Randomize accounts before doing actions

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