PHPRad VueJS Edition v2.6.2 + PHPRad Classic Edition v2.4.1 Cracked

The Advance Rapid Application Development GUI That Delivers Complete Web Applications. What is PHPRad? With flexible numerous options and components, PHPRad helps you to generate complete web applications with drag ‘n’ drop and few clicks. Great tool for professionals, Best tool for beginners. Little or No Coding Experience Required!

Generate your application with PHPRad with just few click.

  • Drag and Drop Components to any page
  • Configure Components to Suit Your Needs
Components And Dashboards
Add components such as record count, chart, dynamic multi-level menu, sub-page , etc … into any page.
Form Wizard

  • Build Different Style of form Wizard.
  • Form wizard can submit each form on Next or submit all form together at final step.
  • Support Form Validation
  • Drag and drop other components onto any step

  • We have taken care of security issues such as : SQL Injection, CSRF, XSS, … etc.
  • User Registration And User Account Management (Profile Update, Email Change, Password Reset)
Build Dynamic Menu Easily
With Different Menu Style And Positions
Different Application Menu Styles And Positions

  • Fixed Top Only
  • Fixed Side left And Right
  • Static And Fixed Left Only
Auto generated report page.
With Numerous Export Options like PDF,IMAGE,WORD,EXCEL
Applications Generated by PHPRad are highly Mobile responsive.
Build form components Easily..

  • You can add form components like :
  • Multi-select,
  • Ajax Look UP and search,
  • SummerNote HTML Editor,
  • Range Input Control,
  • Multi-choice Option List,
  • Advance File Upload Control. ETC…
Create simple and advance datatable.

  • With Record Sorting
  • Different Pagination options
  • Record Action Button (Edit, Delete, Update) With Different Display Style
  • Perform Some CRUD Operation in a modal or a page
Create Custom Grid Page .

  • Edit The Custom grid Components to suit your needs.
  • With our Advance Code Editor with different theme (Lite Version of SUBLIME TEXT EDITOR).
Advance Query Builder..
With SQL Code Editor.
Implement RBAC business logic model into your application
Choose from over 60 Bootstrap modern template design for your project theme
Choose The Template Your Like
Select from over 2000 Material designs icons
Can be use on any page
Intuitive Components Designers

  • With help description ans hints
  • Numerous Flexible options that helps your build application that best suit your specifications.
Clean Code, Simple to the core

  • Well structured and professionally Commented Code..
  • Uses Simple and Powerful MVC Framework.
MVC Pattern
We Use MVC Design Approach
Separation of User Actions (Controllers), Busines Logic(Models), And Views(Templates)
One of the benefits of using a MVC methodology is that it helps enforce a clean separation of concerns between the models, views and controllers within an application.
Maintaining a clean separation of concerns makes the developing, maintaining and testing of large complex applications much easier, since the contract between different application components are more clearly defined and articulated.
Suitable for Teamwork
The way your project is organized in a PHP Framework also helps you create a suitable environment for teamwork.
You can let your designers work on the Views, database guru work on the Models, let the smart programmer (yourself 😉 ) build reusable Libraries and Plugins etc…
Also you can let someone build unit tests, because they come with tools for that too.
And It’s Fun!
This Makes it Easier for the developer to edit the source code manually if the needs arise


  • PHPRad VueJS Edition v2.6.2
    Build Single Page Applications (SPA) with PHP, VUEJS, Bootstrap 4+
  • PHPRad Classic Edition v2.4.1
    Build Classic PHP Applications PHP, Bootstrap 4+, JQuery

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