Video Ads Genius 2.0 Full Course

You get over 4 hours of high-definition video training from two 6-figure YouTube experts… Inside, we’ll take you by the hand and show you exactly how to make money with YouTube Ads.

Inside the course:

  • How to get started with YouTube ads today, even if you’re a complete newhie and the only thing you’ve ever done on YouTube is watch videos…
  • The simple steps to becoming a YouTube Ads master…
  • This doesn’t take weeks or months… We can make you an expert and have you making money in hours from right now!
  • How to get your 3100 in advertising credit when you get started with YouTube Ads… (!;) This means you can run your first ads for FREE!
  • The simple budget management techniques that will prevent you from ever losing your shirt on a campaign… when you follow what we teach, your risk on each campaign is virtually ZERO 0 You’ve heard the horror stories about people getting their accounts banned… The good news is, we’ll teach you how to prevent that from ever happening… It’s easy to keep you account in good standing, and we’ll show you how!
  • Get instant access to multiple templates, formulas, and strategies that we’re personally using to pull down six figures per year with YouTuhe Ads…
  • The ’30 Minute Money Plan’ that will have you making money in half an hour… You don’t even need a video of your own to do this…

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