Mosaizer XV v15.0.0.52 Full Version

What is Mosaizer XV?
Mosaizer XV is a superior and trendsetting freeware photo mosaic creator with an additional set of unique tools to create great photo-art painting effects. Mosaizer XV creates photo mosaics in all its creative shapes. To mention a few: most accurate colour matching, dedicated engine for black and white (‘grayscale’) pictures, use of shape masks, transparent tiles, greenscreen options, super-sized mosaic, apply a texture, non-rectangular picture shapes, scrambling the original and then rebuild as a mosaic… and much more.

Mosaizer XV is a stand-alone application that works in MS Windows and in a MS Windows environment in OS-X (mac), e.g. using Parallels or Wine. Is it really freeware? After installation you can immediately create a photo mosaic. In the first period of use the application is unrestricted and fully functional. When these grace days have expired a few professional features will be limited or locked, and can be unlocked again by purchasing your personal unlock file.

  • We are not alone
    A photo mosaic is a picture which is built from hundreds or thousands of miniature pictures. Each picture has a good matching colour impression of the same area in the source picture which is replaced by this picture. When looking from a distance the original source picture is recognised. When looking close-up, the individual pictures can be seen. This nice effect is used frequently for all kinds of posters, commercials and even magazine covers. Mosaizer is not the only application that can do this. But it’s by far the fastest, easy to use and most complete available on the web.
  • Size matters
    The result from Mosaizer XV can be saved on harddisk and printed. Really huge prints with impressive resolution can be created. Print, or post-process, mail or publish the photo mosaic. You have full control over the end result. Basically there is no limit to the size because Mosaizer XV uses a smart way to create parts of a mosaic that you can stitch back into one giant mosaic. We use parts because it’s so much easier to print a giant mosaic in parts. So why should we boast that we can make the biggest mosaic? We claim that we can make a real big mosaic in a very smart way.
  • Movies and tools
    To create a giant mosaic is one thing. But to also create mosaic movies is a completely new area. And almost for free. With Mosaizer XV you can make exploding mosaics, turning, whirling, moving waving mosaics. And also make a mosaic of your favourite video clip. Zoom in and out and make something extraordinary out of it. It’s all included in the XV version. Make a mosaic transparent or create a mosaic shape. It’s all part of the huge set of tools that Mosaizer XV provides.
  • Constantly evolving
    Many applications are dormant. Last update two years ago? Bug fixes, new features? It seems that many software tools were made and then left there to be bought. Not so with our applications. All of our applications are constantly updated. Sometimes once a month, sometimes twice a week (bugfix) or when a customer suggests an improvement, or a new feature. Our users are our biggest source of inspiration for new features. We are proud to deliver the best software in this crowded area, and that’s because we get ideas from you.

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