Supagrowth Expired Tumblr Hunter Cracked

What are expired tumblrs?
tumblr is a huge website where users can register their own websites (subdomains) and add content. So for example This new tumblr sub domain (website) might become very popluar and attract a large amount of traffic and organic whitehat backlinks. However if this user no longer decides they want this tumblr website, after a unspecified amount of time with no tumblr account logins tumbr will expire it. Once expired its free for anyone to reregister. Now you have a tumblr website to do with as you please.

Why would I want expired tumblrs?
As mentioned above these expired tumblrs can have fantastic backlink profiles just waiting to be pointed at your website. I’ve seen people use nothing but 200 expired tumblrs to rank a website. These links can be a great source of high DA juice in a mixed backlink profile. Or you could simply rank micro niche websites with nothing but tumblrs.


How does expired tumblr hunter work?
Expired tumblr hunter has two options. A niche related search and a non niche related search. If you want niche related expired tumblrs then enter your keywords that you’re trying to rank for and it will find as many niche related ones as it can by scraping results from bing. The non-niche related option will search bing with random safe (non-spammy) keywords. It has a distinct advantage over many other tools that attempt this. Most tools will just check for a 404 error to singal its expired. This tool not only checks for a 404 but also checks if its available to register right now. Often you will be beaten to it when you find a 404 or the blog got banned and still gives a 404 but is not available.

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