Mass Planner v4.4.4.8 Cracked

Mass Planner – The ultimate Social scheduling app Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram Automation.
Everything you need to get more followers, clicks and social traffic!
Complete automation for your social media accounts, pages, groups and communities.


  • Schedule all your social media updates for future publish : Find perfect timing for your content with Mass Planner and post them on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.
  • Find and automatically join new Groups in you niche : Automatically find new Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn Groups in your niche, to extend your audience and attract new customers.
  • Automatically share your posts on Facebook Groups : Have your unique content automatically shared with the groups you’re member of. This is a tested and guaranteed way to drive more reach and engagement to your posts.
  • Auto-Follow people in your niche : Find and automatically follow Twitter/Pinterest/Google+/Instagram accounts with Mass Planner based on keywords for your niche.
  • We don’t advertise our presence on your posts : Keep your own voice on social media with our newly-available technology to build trust and long-lasting relationships with your costumers.
  • Fast and Reliable customer support : We want to make sure you get the most out of Mass Planner and create impactful and relevant marketing strategies for your business.

Version – December 29th:

– Dashboard – Notifications – Added support to display up to 99 active notifications

– Instagram – When exporting most recent successful api calls added a new column called stack to give a context where the api call is coming from
– Instagram – When starting the application check the ‘Scrape using the Embedded Browser where possible’ option for the Instagram accounts that are scraper accounts( they have been added as scraper accounts or they have at least one tagname containing the word scrape in it. We are doing this because we noticed overall improvement when using the scrape with EB, making the scraper accounts last longer. Also the scrape with the embedded browser is as fast as the api in most cases so you shouldnt see any spike in CPU or memory consumption

– Facebook – Joiner – added support to join groups as page

– Youtube – Watch Video – added new View time column to the results list
– Youtube – Watch Video – added new Like Video After Watching settings

– Contact – added new option to Stop/Continue secondary messages from the results list
– Search and Contact – added new option to Stop/Continue secondary messages from the results list

– Instagram Contact Tool – Fixed issue with relogin not working in some situations when getting temporary blocked.
– Facebook – Contact – Auto reply to new messages – fixed extracting replys on the new UI
– Facebook – Campaign – fixed clicking on create post button. (error code 55)
– Pinterest – Extract followings – preventing embedded browser getting stuck after a bigger amount of scroll time
– Instagram Contact Tool – Fixed issue with message being removed from pending list when getting temporary block
– Facebook – Campaign – fixed uploading the photo to the story.
– Facebook – Campaign – fixed sharing posts to groups. error code 91
– TikTok – Fixed issue publishing videos from the embedded browser
– Facebook – Comment & Like – fixed extracting post permalink when commenting on groups and prevent commenting on the same post next time
– Facebook – Campaign – fixed adding a comment after the post using the [COMMENT] tag
– Global tools – Twitter Bulk Profile Editor – fixed filling in the fields with profile info. (error code 45)
– Linkedin – Finder – fixed finding groups (error code 168)
– Global Tools – IG Create Accounts – fixed a bug on email confirmation that prevented profile data update
– Instagram – Contact Members – Fixed issue sending messages using the embedded browser

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