GramDominator v2.5.0.37 Agency Cracked

Why GramDominator?
GramDominator lets you target with precision, connect directly with your audience, spread your messages throughout the day, manage campaigns and do much more to make sure you achieve your marketing goals.

Powered with intuitive artificial intelligence, GramDominator is packed with extensive features like Auto Like, Auto Follow, Auto Repost and many more which makes it easy to acquire new customers and monetize your campaign.


  • Grow followers
    Auto follow users as per your niche on Instagram by providing hashtags. Follow followers of another user by specifying usernames. Follow active users who are engaged with the posts of your targeted profiles.
  • Insta Poster
    Auto post to multiple accounts, schedule posts to keep your Instagram followers engaged. Do not have images for posting? Don’t worry, use Auto Reposter to find image posts with specified keywords or profile and let your profiles post even when you are sleeping.
  • Insta Liker/Commenter
    The best way to build relationships with your audience is by posts engagement. GramDominator provides you an ability to engage with your followers/followings, followers of someone else, or to specific posts by auto liking and commenting over a period of time.
  • Insta Scrape
    If you are in need of data for your marketing analysis or creating your campaigns, GramDominator can help you with its inbuilt fast data extractor. It comes with the flexibility to auto filter the data based on criteria set by you to save your time in filtering unwanted data. The only IG marketing software which can also be used for data extracting from Instagram.
  • Campaigns
    All top marketers understand the need of campaigns in marketing softwares. GramDominator has got a powerful campaigning feature, which is not limited for certain set of keywords, profiles etc. You can create unlimited campaigns with unlimited accounts and grow your accounts in multiple niches from one single software. Easy to operate and provides you detailed report on activities done with your accounts.

Changelog Version – 31st January 2018

This update includes, Issues Fixed :

Account Manager:- Fixed issue with showing proxy details after restart the software when delete the proxies.

Follower:- Fixed issue with following users.
Follower:- Fixed issue with following same users repeatedly.
Unfollowers:- Fixed issue with unfollow users.

Poster:- Create multiple post:- Fixed issue with create multiple post from text file.
Reposter:- Fixed issue with postoing duplicate post after edit the campaign.
Reposter:- Fixed issue with showing no more data found for some specific captions.

Like/Comments:- Fixed issue with missing some chracters when using other languages in comment.
Like/Comments:- Fixed issue with showing comments to other users that are commented by software.
Like/Comments- By photo ID :- Fixed issue with showing report.

Insta Scrape:
User Scraper:- Fixed issue with untick filter option “must have a follow ratio greater than” automatically after edit the campaign.
User Scraper:- Fixed issue with scraping users.

INSTACHAT:- Fixed issue with showing hyperlink in instachat.

Fixed issue with disappearing campaigns automatically.

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