Management-Ware Yellow Pages Scraper Global v1.0.4.23 Cracked

Our yellow pages extractor software allows you to scrape the exact results of anything you are able to search in the yellow pages site itself. With our yellow pages scraper software you will be able to capture thousands of business leads from the yellow pages within minutes. You will be able to generate sales leads faster, make more business contacts in no time and be productive like never before. Improve your connect time with prospects and increase your sales conversion ratio.

Yellow Pages Global Scraper

Look no further because now you can get all the contact details you need from the yellow pages directory online.

Don’t waste any more money or time  buying lists of brokers, manually sifting through the phone book or other online directories. Our Yellow Pages Scraper does it all  with just a few clicks of your mouse.


Yellow pages extractors features:

  • Number of records you can extract (Unlimited)
  • Search/ Extract by keyword (One or many keywords)
  • Search/ Extract by URL (One or many URLs)
  • Search by keyword / by categories / by custom categories
  • Support Proxy (Hide your IP Address)
  • Save search results (CSV, Excel, html, PDF)
  • Support many types of output format
  • *If you need other features to satisfy your requirements. Please contact us.
Management Ware Yellow Pages Global Scraper

Management Ware Yellow Pages Global Scraper

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You are in the right place if you not have enough money to buy original software at high prices, or just want to try certain products before making a purchase decision. But once you are satisfied and make enough money, we recommend you buy the original products & support the developers.
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