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Imagevue is a complete gallery- & portfolio solution for your website. It is easy to set up, and can be managed from the Control Panel.


Imagevue comes loaded with features!

  • Imagevue Gallery
    The Imagevue X2 photo gallery and portfolio comes loaded with features features! – Best thing is to check out the demo galleries and see for yourself. See the various themes: carbonizer, carbonizerX, illuminati, lucido, lucida, default theme, firestarter, gardener, bluedragon, abyss, white, persimmon, zanzibar. All features can be changed through the online admin configuration section.
  • Mobile Gallery
    One gallery to rule them all. Imagevue X2.8 includes a beautiful mobile version, so the gallery now runs gracefully across all devices and platforms including smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. Get out your iPhone, Android, Blueberry, iPad or other device and check out the demo.
    * Imagevue will automatically redirect mobile devices to the mobile gallery.
  • Administration Control Panel
    Through the Imagevue X2 admin panel, you are provided total management of your gallery. You can create folders and upload files seamlessly from the management page, although this is possible also by FTP. The admin panel also allows you to edit titles, descriptions, create textpages, change sorting, rename, delete, hide, move, copy and set previewimages. Moreover, you can change- and edit your themes, manage the main settings/configuration, create thumbnails and change- or edit the languages.
  • Optional HTML Gallery
    With the Imagevue X2 flash gallery, we also provide an optional HTML gallery. Some users may prefer to use the HTML gallery, while others may simply use it as an option to the flash gallery. The HTML gallery will function as a tool for indexing your gallery at google and other search engines. It can be entirely customized by CSS.
  • Extensive Customization
    The Imagevue X2 gallery comes with extensive configuration through the config- and theme files. Change colors, background, fonts, visual properties and toggle features. You have full control of settings and themes from the admin panel!
  • Themes
    Imagevue X2 comes with many preset themes to choose from. You can also create your own theme from the existing ones, and edit the settings! Check out some of the themes here: carbonizer, carbonizerX, illuminati, lucido, lucida, default, white, gardener, abyss, firestarter, bluedragon, persimmon, zanzibar. We will be adding more themes in future releases.
  • Shopping Cart
    Imagevue X2 features a shopping-cart module that integrates a full featured photo- and printing e-commerce solution into your gallery. The shopping cart module handles the entire process of product selection, shopping cart, checkout, electronic payment, printing- and shipping for you and your customers. You can sell prints, cards and electronic downloads while all prices and products are managed from your Dashboard.
  • Multiple Languages
    With Imagevue, you can present your gallery in multiple languages if required. The Imagevue user interface is already provided in multiple languages, but you can use language-tags if you also wish to have your titles, descriptions, text-pages and links accessible in multiple languages.
  • Password Protected Folders
    Create password protected folders from the Imagevue Admin to protect any private galleries from public view. Visitors will be prompted for a password when they try to access a password-protected folder.
  • Social Media Sharing
    Your visitors can share gallery- and photo links with all the popular social network services from within the Imagevue interface.
  • Thumbnail Editor
    Did you ever wish you could change a specific thumbnail? With the admin thumbnail editor, you can now edit a thumbnail so that it is trimmed just the way you want it! No more cropped heads or missing context.
  • Folder Parameters
    Folder Parameters allow you to change how each and every folder in your gallery displays and works. For example, you may want to have one folder start in image-mode instead of thumbnails-mode, or you may want to create a section with strictly a slideshow – The possibilities are endless! Basically, you can edit any setting that is available in the main config- and theme settings.
  • Audioplayer
    Imagvue X2 comes with an audioplayer feature that compliments the pictures in your gallery! Simply upload your choice of mp3 files, and the audioplayer will play the audio tracks for your visitors. The audioplayer module supports playlist, volume, controls and ID3 tags. It can be set to play tracks from a specific mp3 folder, or it can play tracks for each gallery folder. See a demo of the audioplayer in our X2 demo gallery – Roll your mouse over the “audio” feature in top right corner and click around.
  • Video Player
    Imagevue X2 supports the popular MP4 and FLV video. Simply upload your video files to any folder, and they will display in the gallery!
    * We recommend using the mp4 format, as this is also supported in mobile platforms.
  • Text Pages
    Not only is Imagevue X2 an image gallery, but it also supports a few features that enables you to create your own pages. This will allow you to create an entire website from imagevue X2! Here is an example of a textpage, and here is another textpage using the contactform option. Textpages are created from the admin, and you can use html formatting.
  • Extensive File Support
    Imagevue X2 supports a multitude of files – It will display the core image formats JPG, PNG, GIF as well as SWF(flash) and FLV/MP4 video formats. You can also use any other format for example DOC, PDF, HTML, QT, but these formats will open in new browser windows as they are not supported native in flash.
  • Customizable Thumbnails
    With Imagevue X2, you can customize the size and style of all your thumbnails. For example, you may want only square thumbnails, or perhaps you want to maintain original aspect? Perhaps you are looking for a stylized layout with tall thumbnails? Maybe you want to use very large thumbnails? Tighter layout? You can set any size and style – The choice is yours! You can also change the thumbnails frame, spacing and layout through the theme configuration.
  • Custom Files and Filemod
    Imagevue X2 allows you to load custom swf files and use them as pages. For example, you may want to create your own intro animation, or perhaps you have a custom biography page? The filemod features a few pre-created modules like photoblinds, slideshow, randomimage or you can load any custom file. Click links for examples.
  • Titles and Descriptions
    Create titles and descriptions for your files, and choose how you want to display them! Combine your descriptions with preset items like EXIF, date, dimensions, filesize etc.
  • CSS Stylehsheet Text Formatting
    You can change font, size, style and color for ALL text elements in the Imagevue X2 gallery by editing your theme CSS stylesheet. For those of you who are familiar with CSS stylesheets, you will easily come to terms with changing the style of your text in the gallery. The CSS stylesheets can be edited from the admin panel, or you can edit it manually.
    * The stylesheets for the flash gallery only offer formatting for text elements.
  • Photo EXIF Data
    Serious photographers may want to display jpg EXIF data along with their image. Imagevue X2 supports EXIF data in descriptions, and you can customize what EXIF items to display and how to display them!
  • Map Links
    Imagevue can display interactive Google Maps for any photos that contain location geo-data. This can be either if the image is taken with a GPS-enabled device, or if you have tagged the location in the photo with an application like iPhoto. See Examples:
  • Unlimited Menu Structure
    Add as many folder levels as you require to create your gallery structure! Some galleries may only need to display a few image folders on the top level, while other galleries may require a deep folder structure to categorize all their archives. There is no limit, and the choice is yours. You can create folders either by FTP or by using the admin panel. You can also build custom links in your main menu, turning your gallery into an independent website!
  • Deep-linking and Navigation
    Unlike most other flash websites, the Imagevue X2 flash gallery supports deep-linking and browser navigation. This means the URL in your browser changes as you navigate through the gallery. It also gives the possibility to send the link(copy+paste) directly to someone by email or MSN, and they will see the same page or image as you see. Another benefit, is that it allows the visitor to use the native next/previous buttons in the browser to navigate through the gallery. It can of course be disabled for gallery owners who want to hide the URL paths in their gallery. You can see this feature in effect by visiting the demo gallery.
  • Language and Localization
    Imagevue X2 already supports multiple languages – See a few examples: English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Norwegian. If you want to add another language, it can easily be done from the admin panel! X2 also supports any character encoding, so international character sets will display without flaws.
  • Other Notable Features
    Imagevue comes packed with many more features!-
    – Additional modules ‘purchase’, ‘hotspots’, ‘textpage’, ‘filemod’ and more …
    – Drag-and-drop manual sorting for folders- and images in the admin
    – Multiple backgrounds – Add background graphics, logo and interactive layers
    – Use graphic icons in the main menu
    – Embed the gallery into any custom HTML pages
    – Elegant fullscreen mode for optimal viewing pleasure
    – Extensive right-click context menu functionality for complimentary controls
    – Key controls – Navigate the gallery with arrow keys
    – Lightbox feature allows you to open external pages, websites or videos
    – Smart image sizing – Keeps images optimized for the viewer’s screen size
    – Tasteful Sound FX

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