Fiverr Script v8.1 Untouched [Not Nulled]

Why Use Fiverr Script? Fiverr Script is the most advanced micro jobs script loaded with features needed to create a successful fiverr clone / micro jobs website. Responsive Design, Flexible Prices, Attach Files, Languages, Payments, Support Staff, Facebook, Order Tracking, Ban Words etc.

What’s New? Recently Added Features

  • Design Update!
    The FiverrScript website design has been refreshed and updated to keep it looking perfect!
  • Processing Fee
    Processing Fee added to allow you to charge buyers a processing fee on each gig item ordered.
  • Withdrawal Minimum Limit
    Withdrawal Minimum Limit added to only let users request a withdrawal if their available balance is more than the set amount.
  • Buyer Requests System Added!
    A completely new buyer requests system has been added, learn more here: about the buyer request system
  • Location System Added!
    A new locations system has been added which admins can turn on/off, learn more here: about the locations system
  • Chinese and Russian Languages Added
    Both chinese and russian language packs have been added, for a total of 9 languages now!
    Stripe has been integrated for gig payments and feature gig payments to allow buyers to pay uding credit cards directly.
  • HTML5 Uploader!
    A new html5 uploader has replaced the flash uploader so users on mobile devices can attach files!
  • Drastically Improved RTL Support
    RTL support for languages that are in right-to-left has been improved.
  • Launch Mode
    Launch mode feature added, learn more here: about launch mode
  • Improved E-Mail System
    Improvement to the e-mail system so you can now set a send from name in the admin panel instead of just a from e-mail address.
  • Notifications System Update
    The notification icon now changes color when there are unread notifications (responsive desktop view)
  • Improved Refund System
    Improvement to admin cancel order refund system to not reduce available balance if the seller did not withdraw it yet
  • HTTPS Support
    Improved HTTPS Support
  • Fully Responsive Design Added!
    FiverrScript now has a fully responsive design to show beautifully on different devices.
  • Final Set of New Page Designs
    All pages have new designs now including the order tracking system, view individual conversation, conversations inbox, buyer payments, seller revenues, my referrals, stuff i like, settings and seller purchases.
  • WYSIWYG Editor
    WYSIWYG editor is added for gig descriptions to let you format gig descriptions
  • More New Page Designs
    New page designs have been added for the order success page, the edit gig page, and all static pages.
  • Currency Placement
    Now you can choose whether to show the currency before or after the price, very useful in countries that use different currencies such as the euro.
  • User Profile Slogan
    Along with a newly designed user profile page, users can now set a slogan in their settings that shows up on their profile page.
  • New Design Added
    A new global design has been added which includes a global header, global footer, homepage, view gig, create gig, my shopping, manage sale, create gig, my jobs, order, login, forgot password, join, confirm e-mail, category, suggestions, notifications, feature gig, search and tags.
  • Large Category Image Added
    Admins can now upload large image for each category which show up on the category page and category tags page.
  • ReCaptcha Added
    Admins can now choose to use the new ReCaptcha, which allows “one click” verification in some cases.
  • Solve Media Captcha Added
    Admins can now choose to use Solve Media captcha, which helps fight spam and allow you to earn money from ads in the captcha.
  • Banned Words System Added
    Admins can ban words in the admin panel which sellers cannot use on any gig title, gig description, gig instructions or gig tags.
  • Notification System Added
    A new advanced in-site notification system has been added which notified users when various scenarios occur.
  • Featured Gig Categories Section Added
    A new section listing featued gig categories has been added to the homepage. Admin can enabled/disable it.
  • Category Image
    Admins can now edit a category and add an image for the category, which show up under the featured category on the homepage.
  • Category Display Tags
    Admins can add 3 category display tags for each category which show up under the featured category on the homepage.
  • New Gig Search Page Design
    The search for gigs page now has the new page design.
  • Arabic Language Translation Added
    An arabic language translation has been added, which will help users who want to use that language.
  • New Design For Category Sections!
    Category sections now have the new design to keep them in line with the main page look.
  • List View
    List view option added to the homepage so users can switch between grid view and list view.
  • Captcha captcha added to help fight spam.
  • Enable/Disable Captcha
    Admin panel option added to enable/disabled the captcha as well as choose the captcha.
  • Show/Hide Category Dropdown
    Admin panel option added to show or hide the category dropdown on the navigation bar.
  • New Homepage Design
    An all new design has been added to the fiverr script homepage, and a new header and footer design added to all other pages.
  • Directory
    Directory page added listing all categories and sub-categories.
  • Pay via Available Funds (Money Earned)
    Sellers can now pay for jobs using their available balance, which is money they made from selling their own jobs.
  • Set Specific Meta Data For Categories
    Admins can now set a specific page title, meta description and meta keywords for each category in the Admin Panel
  • Proxy Blocking (BETA) (On/Off)
    Proxy Blocking feature added to block users accessing your website from a anonymous proxy. This feature is still in beta.
  • Referrals System (On/Off)
    Referrals System added to allow users to earn money by referring others users to your website
  • Referral Approval System
    Admins can approve each referral before the user gets any money, useful for preventing fraud.
  • Facebook Connect Profile Pictures
    The login via facebook feature now downloads the user’s profile picture (if it is the first time the user is logging into your website)
  • Sub-Category System
    Advanced sub-category system added which lets you add unlimited sub-categories for you users to add gigs to.
  • Job Levels System
    Job levels system added which works with the price packs to allow different level users to post jobs at different prices.
  • Feature jobs using account balance
    Feature jobs using account balance option has been added.
  • Add Fake Feedback
    Admins can now add fake feedback for jobs in the admin panel.
  • Manage Feedback
    Admins can now manage feedback from the admin panel.
  • Manage Conversations
    Admins can now manage conversation messages in the admin panel.
  • Pinterest Pin It Button
    Pinterest Pin It button has been added to the view job page to allow users to pin jobs.
  • Filter Jobs by Prices
    New filter has been added allow users to filter jobs by prices.
  • New Job Suggestions Page
    A separate job suggestions page has been added that lists all job suggestions allowing sellers to contact them.
  • Express Jobs
    Express Jobs system added which showcases any job that can be delivered in 24 hours and adds a new express jobs filter.
  • Job Statistics Bar
    Job Statistics Bar added which includes the number or orders the seller has in queue
  • Rating Statistics Bar
    Rating Statistics Bar added which shows the number of positive reviews, negative reviews and likes!
  • IP Banning System
    IP Banning System added to the Admin Panel.
  • Order Multiple Items
    Order Multiple Items system added which allows sellers to let users order more than one of their job (if no extras and no shipping).
  • Top Rated Seller
    Allow sellers to be marked as top rated if they maintain a set feedback amount and percentage.
  • Block E-Mail And URL
    Users are blocked from sending each other an e-mail address or website url in conversation messages.
  • User Country Flags
    When users have their country set, their country flag is displayed next to their username in job listings.
  • Sellers Can Pay To Feature Jobs
    Admins can earn more money now by charging sellers to feature their jobs on the website.
  • Alertpay/Payza Payment Gateway (On/Off)
    Your buyers can now pay for jobs using
  • Verified Only Job Creation (On/Off)
    Setting added in the admin panel to only allow users who confirmed their e-mail address to create jobs.
  • Admin Login As Any User
    Admins can now login as any users through the admin panel.
  • Price Packs Added
    Admins can now set multiple prices for users to choose from.
  • Percentage Commissions
    Admins can now set their commission based on a percentage of the job cost.
  • Facebook Connect
    Allows users to login via their facebook account.

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