Great Softwares Pack Collections 2017

All software will run fine on a normal home newish Windows computer or laptop. However for best results with all of this software pack, I strongly recommend running it on a Windows VPS. This is a Virtual Private Server, its your own hosted copy of Windows on a blazingly fast connection.

These are just some of the many reasons why I recommend running this software on a VPS.

  • Faster connection
  • Fixes issues with different languages/HTML as VPS is US based
  • You can install the software and leave it running 24/7 at no extra cost
  • On a VPS your anti-virus or firewall will not interfere with the software
  • VPS servers nearly always have up to date copies of the .net framework on them, required for all c# software tools (like mine) to work

This Package included some of great softwares, like Keyword Research Tools, Backlinks Tools, Competitor Analysis Tools, Traffic Generation Tools, Email Tools, Rank Checking Tools, Social Media Tools, Amazon Tools, Content Tools, Website Health Tools, Proxies Tools, Misc Tools.

Keyword Research Tools:

    • Keyword Feast
      Keyword Feast uses the Google suggestion API to generate thousands of long tail keywords for your niche, some of which will have zero competition. It can even alert you of new search trends in your niche so you can be the first to dominate a search term.
    • Bing Keyword Generator
      Bing eyword Generator allows users to generate unlimited long tail keywords from Bing for free.
    • Youtube Keyword Generator
      Youtube Keyword Generator allows users to generate unlimited long tail keywords from Youtube for free. The worlds second largest search engine.
    • Ebay Keyword Generator
      Ebay Keyword Generator allows users to generate unlimited long tail keywords from Ebay for free.

Backlinks Tools:

    • Expired Tumblr Hunter
      Make use of resources others no longer want. When a Tumblr user is inactive tumblr disable their account. You can then reregister the users address (e.g and make use of all the back links it has pointing to it. Tumblr hunter can check thousands of Tumblrs with the click of a few buttons to see if they have expired. Power your websites up google with a strong network of niche related tumblrs.
    • Broken Link Finder
      A broken backlink campaign is one of of the most whitehat and safe ways of finding great links to push your website up the search engine results. Broken backlink finder will crawl any specified websites looking for links that are pointing to web pages that no longer exist or domains that have expired. You can then contact the website owners asking if they’d like to swap the broken link for a link to your related website.
    • Link Monitor
      Link Monitor enables you to monitor your backlink profile with up the the minute checks. You could pay £100 a month for the services of ahrefs or majestic to notify you a webmaster has removed a link you paid for but you may well not get a notification for 2-6 weeks due to slow crawl times. Link Monitor checks the outbound link quantity, no follow attributes and pretty much any change to links pointing to your website once they’re loaded in.
    • DoComment
      DoComment uses the Twitter API to seek out DoFollow blog comment links you can score to boost your website up the search engines. DoComment can give you an almost unlimited amount of niche related spam free safe strong backlinks for your website.
    • Expired Web 2.0 Ranker
      Expired web 2.0 ranker is a simple tool that allows you to find expired web 2.0 properties by scraping web 2.0’s from Google and Bing. These web 2.0’s can be tumblr, weebly. blogspot, wordpress and the software even allows you to add your own web 2.0s to scrape for. The software also supports proxies allowing blazing fast results. All search engine scrapes can be niche related or go by a list of keywords that you provide.
    • Expired Domain Finder
      Give yourself a head start on your money webiste or find awesome domains to build a PBN with expired domain finder. No more paying for expensive expired domains at auction. Search by niche or just leave running forever.
    • Guest Post Finder
      Finding good high metric blogs that accept guest posts can be difficult. Guest Post Finder allows you to simply enter your niche keywords and it will scrape search engines for blogs allowing guest posts in your niche, it will also check the PA/DA of each result.

Competitor Analysis Tools:

    • BN Hunter
      Used all your SEO kung-fu but still can’t understand how your competitors are ranking so high in the search engines? Theres a strong chance they’re using a hidden private blog network. PBN hunter is a free tool that will help you find these well hidden PBN websites. PBN hunter can also be used as a keyword research tool to determine if a keyword really is as easy as it seems before you invest countless hours trying to rank for it.
    • Bulk Moz DA Checker
      Bulk Moz DA Checker is a 100% free software tool that allows users to check an unlimited amount of websites, domains, web 2.0, URLs, pages, any web propery in fact for its Moz domain authority and Moz page authority. You simply create a free Moz account, which takes about 30 seconds and no credit card is required, then click generate API key and enter your key into Bulk Moz DA Checker.

Traffic Generation Tools:

    • TrafficPhire
      As SEO is shifting more towards content marketing than just manually building links having the ability to automatically market your content with laser targeted precision while on autopilot can change your business. TrafficPhire uses the Twitter API to for people in your niche then populates and submits thir websites contact form.
    • Contact Form Submitter
      Contact Form Submitter is a 100% free desktop application that allows users to generate traffic by automatically submitting a websites contact form with any given message and contact details.
    • WordPhire
      WordPhire is what I call an experiment in ethical spamming! WordPhire uses the Twitter API to find people in your niche then builds highly customized comments of value to automatically post on their WordPress blogs.

Email Tools:

    • Email Scraper
      Email scraper can gather thousands of emails from websites by domain or keyword without the need for proxies. Spamming emails is so 2001! Use these huge email lists to create cheap Facebook ads. Many marketing platforms allow you to load in email lists.
    • Email List Cleaner
      Email List Cleaner allows users to import their email lists and have each email address ran through a list of 10 filters to determine if its a valid email address or not.

Rank Checking Tools:

    • Supa Simple Rank Checker
      Monitor your rankings and an unlimted number of keywords with Supa Simple Rank Checker. View graphs of your websites rankings and how its moved over weeks and months. Install, add keywords then just leave it running for 100% free search engine ranking reporting.

Social Media Tools:

    • Twitter Bot – Blue Bot
      Automate your Twitter activity with my new Twitter bot, Blue Bot. Tweet, Follow, Unfollow, retweet, Pin and more. There are no account limitations you can load in as many accounts as your PC can handle.
    • Viral Spy
      Spy on your competitors content by finding which pages have been shared the most on social media. Viral Spy will crawl everyoutuy page on a website and check how many times its been shared on Facebook, Gplus and Twitter.
    • Most Viral
      Most Viral is a free desktop application that will search Google for your keyword and retrieve the social media statistics for each URL returned by Google (up to 100 results). This includes Facebook shares, Pinterest pins, LinkedIn shares and Google Plus’s.
    • Twitter Laser
      Twitter Laser is a 100% free desktop application that allows uses to automatically tweet to users who have specific keywords in their tweeyoututs. Generate laser targeted completely free traffic that converts.
    • YouTube Comment Bot
      YouTube Comment Bot is a 100% free desktop application that allows users to automatically comment on YouTube videos that match set keywords for your niche. For example if someone uploads a video about cooking with a certain type of cooker/ingredient (bacon perhaps) then YouTube Comment Bot will search for “cooking with bacon” every few minutes and comment on the video with your chosen marketing message for your brand or product.
    • Facebook Group Poster
      Facebook Group Poster is a 100% free Windows desktop application that allows its users to post in all their Facebook groups on autopilot. You simply enter your facebook account details and it will login as you then browse to your groups and post your message in each group you are a member of. Facebook groups can be excluded and spintax is supported if you want to vary the messages you’re posting into groups.
    • YouTube View Bot
      YouTube View Bot is a 100% free software tool used for increasing the amount of views your YouTube videos have. By increasing the amount of views your videos have not only will your vidoes look more popular (thus getting more views naturally) they will also rank higher, so again they will get more natural views and engagement.

Amazon Tools:

    • Amazon Ripper
      Download all Amazon item details from selected Amazon categories. Including prices, review ratings, item titles and more. Great for finding new niche products to promote.
    • aEasy Amazon
      Easy Amazon helps you find Amazon products that have people searching for reviews for them but have ZERO competition on the search engines. Select a category and Easy Amazon will check every item in it to see if people are searching for reviews for that product then it checks if anyone is ranking for reviews around this product.
    • Amazon Keyword Generator
      Amazon Keyword Generator allows users to generate unlimited long tail keywords from Amazon for free.

Content Tools:

    • Spun By Google Content Spinner
      Spun By Google Content Spinner is a 100% free and full desktop application that uses Google translate to spin your content so you know the result is grammatically correct well formed content in the eyes of Google. Spun By Google Content Spinner simply throws your content in and out of Google translate. The content it generates is perfect for lower tires in tired link building campaigns and even expired web 2.0s.
    • Content Creator
      Content Creator helps both Whitehat and Blackhat SEO’s by kick starting their content creation process. Either by generating the whole article for them (spun and shuffled) or grabbing all the headers (h1/h2) from the competition (top 100 results on Google) to give them as many content ideas as possible.

Misc Tools:

    • Website Finder
      Website Finder is a free and full desktop application for searching for websites by your set criteria such as HTML, HTTP codes, CMS type and much much more.
    • External Domain Extractor
      External Domain Extractor is a 100% free and full (no trail) desktop application that allows users to crawl websites and extract external (outbound) domains and links from each page of the target websites(s).
    • Search Engine Scraper
      Scrape Google and Bing for results for free and automatically check the DA and PA of each result.

Website Health Tools:

    • Supa SEO Checker
      Check your websites entire SEO setup on every page for free. Just enter your website and Supa SEO Checker will crawl every page checking all important SEO points.
    • Outbound Link Checker
      Outbound Link Checker crawls your entire website checking all your outbound links for any reason you wouldn’t want to link to any of your outbound websites. Checks include adult, foreign, cloaking, deindexed or servering up malware and much more. Linking to these types of websites can seriously damage your rankings.
    • Bad Link Buster
      Bad Link Buster checks your baclink profile for any websites that you wouldn’t want a link from. These websites might be adult, foreign, cloaking, deindexed or servering up malware. Simply load in your backlink profile and Bad Link Buster will start doing all the hard work for you.
    • Bad Neighborhood Checker
      How much do you know about the websites you’re sharing an IP address with? Probably very little. Are they hosting malware? Are they hosting thousands of auto generated spun content? Have they been deindexed by Google? Bad Neighborhood Checker can provide you with the valuable information you need about your IP address neighbors to decide if you need to move or not.

Proxies Tools:

    • Free Proxy Finder
      Free Proxy Finder is a 100% free proxy software tool that allows users to scrape open public proxies off proxy listing websites. It not only does this automatically in the background but it does it at scale, scraping hundreds of public proxy list websites and then even testing the public proxies for you.
    • Proxy Checker
      Free Proxy Finder is a 100% free proxy software tool that allows users to scrape open public proxies off proxy listing websites. It not only does this automatically in the background but it does it at scale, scraping hundreds of public proxy list websites and then even testing the public proxies for you.

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