Full VIP RIPPED Blackhatprotools 2017 – 2018

Well purchase the vip access on their junk sites its totally scam for yourself!
Admin and their team was FAKE and can’t crack anything, he only can leak with copy paste system from us and other sites (event child with 12 years old can do like that). He was just eating your money and banned your account without reason and will never answer your question.

Most of their cracks are outdated and don’t work at all because he need to wait from other sites for update version, this is a real peace of shit.
What a failure with pretend crack team and pretend forum staff just very very FUNNY event he write and always find a ways to make their sites look like legit with very FAKE FUNNY REVIEW like this!!

So be careful guys, never buy from them! They online promise bullshit and just want to make money on your back, i swear.



Don’t asking to me if the link not found, expired, or you can found the software not work cause we not maintenance all their shit!
Also be careful to always scan all files from them!

Sales Page:


putri anzani

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You are in the right place if you not have enough money to buy original software at high prices, or just want to try certain products before making a purchase decision. But once you are satisfied and make enough money, we recommend you buy the original products & support the developers.
TubeAssist PRO v1.0.4.1 Ultimate Cracked
ShutterStock Images Downloader 2018 v1.3.8.1 Cracked


  1. clovis delrey

    password not working :((

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