BlackBulkMail ELITE v1.4.9 Cracked

BlackBulkMail – The Smartest Mailer On the Earth! BlackBulkMail can not only uses the biggest email services(hotmail/outlook/live, yahoo, gmail and aol) to send emails, but also it can let you create yourself sending template to send emails using any email account. BlackBulkMail uses webmail (no smtp) to send emails just like you do in your regular browser Functions List for Elite Version: Task – Create, Manage and Run Unlimited Task(s) Create and run unlimited task(s) at the same time. Send emails using webmail with no need for smtp. Send unlimited emails using yahoo/outlook/gmail/aol/hotmail accounts super fast. Customize your sending...

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Qilio PRO v4.0.0 Cracked

Build, Grow & Scale FB Fanpages without spending a dime or your time… THIS SOFTWARE IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY Watch How We Manage Fan Page Communities, And Profit BIG, on Complete AUTOPILOT! Qilio was created as a result of over 1,500 hours of research. It’s based on teachings from top Facebook marketers, and it has been beta tested by 100+ users for 6 months. No glitches, no bugs, no problems! Here Is A Summary Of All The Features: 1. Built-in RSS Feed Reader To Group Feeds – provides unique content for all of your fan pages 2. Content...

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