Batch File Renamer v1.5.1.15 Cracked

Rename Multiple Files in a single Minute – Batch File Renamer software is an innovative tool designed to rename files in whichever format they are. It has the ability to rename thousands of files at one time without wasting a single minute of the user. You can change names of files individually and in bulk also. The software has the latest and it is an innovative step towards this particular department. It is very fluent & Effective in its job and saves a lot of time of the user.

batch file renamer
Batch File Renamer has some unique characteristics which are absent in other software particularly of this field. You can change the file names on the basis of two options provided in the software. In first option you can rename files by making changes in some properties like Prefix, Suffix, Separator, Extension, etc. In this same option you can also set a parameter of changing the files name accordingly. There is another option in which you can change names of the files individually changing the file’s name.
There are only few steps to follow and complete your work as this software is very easy to operate. In the first phase you need to choose and dump files from the list given on your left hand side. In the second step you have to do the settings what all changes in the name you want to make in the file. In the third step you can allot a target folder so as to save the file already renamed and in the fourth step you can go on and click on Start. The Batch Word Rename has the ability to perform in all versions of windows whichever you have installed in your PC. The software is very useful in our daily life. You can download it from the internet or can buy it from the market at a reasonable price. This is the best File Renamer among all other in this field.
Key Features:

  • Batch File Rename- is a tool primarily designed to rename files in bulk.
  • This tool can change name of the files individually and all in one also.
  • Through File Name option you can either change the name or keep the old one.
  • It can also insert prefix & suffix and even separator in the name of the files.
  • Even the extensions can also be changed with the help of this software.
  • Through Custom name option user can make changes in individual files.
  • There are options through which you can move or copy the files whose names are changed in a target folder.
  • You can dump files or Folders depending upon your choice.
  • The software has flexible features which can work in all versions of windows whichever you have installed in your system.
  • It is the best batch file renaming tool in this individual field.
Batch File Renamer

Batch File Renamer

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