PinDominator v3.5.0.21 Agency Cracked

PinDominator: Your All-in-one Pinterest Marketing Tool
Many business owners underrate Pinterest in its power to be used as an effective digital marketing tool. Considering Pinterest user base of 70 million along with the credit of being the fastest growing social media platform in the world, there is immense potential for businesses to tap Pinterest effectively to visually advertise their products, drive traffic to company website and boost sales.

Businesses which focus on highly visual advertising, such as interior designers, clothing companies, restaurants and many others can benefit in particular by effective Pinterest marketing. With 72% of Pinterest’s audience being women, it can be an exceedingly valuable tool for targeting specific niches. Besides Pinterest allows you to interact with your customers in ways that other social media platforms don’t.

PinDominator lets you target with precision, connect directly with your audience, spread your Images throughout the day and do much more to make sure you achieve your marketing goals.

PinDominator has various modules which attend to specific needs:

Account Checker Module
Upload a list of accounts and get the working and non-working accounts separated.

Repin Module
Using this feature you can randomly repin from single, multiple users. you can repin pins via keywords too with ease.

Comment Module
Simply like or dislike a pin and post comments by PinDominator.

Like Module
Easily like pins by uploading Pin URLS and get like by numbers.

Follow/Unfollow Module
Follow multiple users by their usernames

Board Module
Repin from text field with board URLs, from where pin should the repined

User Scraper Module
Just specify a particular Pinterest username and scrape all their followers and following easily.

Invite Module
Invite hundreds of people from your mail contacts to join Pinterest and follow you.

User To Board Module
Allows adding users to the board names while also letting you specify the number of boards to be added per user.

Version –  2nd May, 2018
Fixed Issues :

Pin – Reposter :- Fixed issue with reposting pins to the given board with find by keyword.
Pin Scraper – User Scraper :- Fixed issue with scraping User followers.
Pin Scraper – Pin Scraper :- Fixed issue with scraping the pins with searching by keyword.

Various Other Minor Bug Fixes

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