Adult Script PRO v2.0.3

Adult Script Pro is a powerful adult video tube script with a extensive list of features that every professional Adult Tube site needs! Unlike other Adult tube scripts, our main goals are to make sure you will monetize your Adult Script Pro site! The scalability and control you have over the script will ease your way to a successful tube site. Please be sure to check out the long list of features and if you have any questions just use the contact form!


Core Adult Script Pro Features:

  • Advertising Galore
    Targeted advertising! Adult Script Pro supports per video advertising, per video category advertising, per user advertising, per sponsor advertising, per model advertising, player overlay text/image advertising, player pre/mid/post roll media advertising and a total of 34 text/image/html advertising spots! Our latest version also includes the popular any-ads plugin over the flash player!
  • Scalable and Fast
    Adult Script Pro is built to handle massive traffic and scale across multiple servers, supporting six different caching engines, fully page caching (where possible) and multi-server architecture! Proven on high traffic sites with more than 500.000 visitors per day!
  • Flexible and Highly Customizable
    Full source code, 5 free XHTML/CSS templates, modular design and plugins! You can modify every aspect of your site without touching the core files. All this can be done from the templates, using ajax plugins, template plugins and template widgets!
  • Search Engine Friendly
    Complete Search Engine Friendly URLs, Video Description, Multiple Categories, Comma Separated Tags, XML Sitemap and valid XHTML/CSS SEO optimized templates! Your site will have all the required SEO to get top ranking in search engines!
  • Mobile Version completly integrated (with videos, photos and models)!
  • Awesome adult stars directory completely integrated!
  • Convert avi, wmv, mpg, rm, mp4 and existing flv’s to a skip-able FLV and/or MP4 video
  • Mass Import CSV Sponsor FLV/MP4 video files
  • Mass Import XML Feeds Sponsor FLV/MP4 video files
  • Mass Video FTP Upload and FHG Video Scrapper!
  • Mass Embed Videos from other major adult tube sites
  • Progressive, Pseudo and RTMP Video Streaming
  • Complete Photo support integrated!
  • A lot more…

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