MegaJacker Full v4.1

Megajacker – The World’s Simplest Click Jacker (WARRIOR SPECIAL)
People are using click jacker for many different ways to make money and here are some of them…It’s easy to get a lot of fans when you have a website with some traffic. They just click something they always would click on your website and bam! they’re fan of your page now. With MegaJacker you can even target some of them to a certain countries or places where are they coming from.

Some people are buying subscribers to get more views and make money and some are just selling it.Imagine there’s some contest going on, which asks to click thumb up to vote. There are people who are selling votes and they probably are voting by themselves from multiple proxies. Now using MegaJacker all you need is a little bit traffic on ANY kind of website and you will get the votes instantly after people clicking anything on your website!

Get Anyone To Click WHATEVER You Want!
Imagine If ALL of Your Website Traffic Would CLICK Something Like:

  • Rating up button for ANY kind of voting contests on another websites…
  • Facebook like to like or recommend any page you want. Or facebook follow button, to follow anyone you want…
  • Youtube subscribe to subscribe any channel you want…
  • Google plus to give plus for any link you want…
  • Tumblr Like & Follow – Yes, you can Tumblr now too!
  • Youtube Add to WatchList to get a video on many watch lists…
  • Youtube Views to click jack views – available again!
  • Anything that could make your or any website go viral and make you nice cash!

All these can be done with MegaJacker!

  • No API and APPS needed
  • Simple to customize and install
  • Works on ANY type of website
  • Click jack anything you want
  • Target multiple countries
  • Target referrers or IP addresses
  • Keep it stealth by checking if logged in
  • Jack only custom percentage of traffic
  • Add multiple buttons to click
  • Choose any place for the jacker
  • Run custom function within a click
  • Wait for more free features!

Sales Page:—click-jack-anything-wso/


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