WP Traffic Spider v2.0.0

Weird New “WP Traffic Spider” Software Turns Dirt Cheap Traffic Into Commissions 1,000 Visitors For A Buck!
WP Traffic Spider is a plugin allows you to be able to siphon off traffic from certain countries and redirect traffic from coutries that maybe you don’t want.


What is special features of WP Traffic Spider?

You can have high quality traffic from US, UK, CA, and AU/NZ go to paid offers and have junk traffic from “tire kicking countries” go to your Facebook fan page, blog, or anywhere else they would be useful . . . (You’ll take freebie seekers and put them to good use)

You’ll see exactly what countries your traffic is coming from so you don’t get ripped off by dirty solo ad sellers . . . (You’ll only deal with high quality solo ad vendors from now on)

You can promote multiple CPA offers at the same time through one link and have UK traffic go to one offer, AU/NZ traffic to another offer, US traffic to another offer, and CA traffic to another offer . . . (Imagine transforming any of your blog’s links into a CPA commission machine)

You can keep your list nice and clean by “routing away” crummy traffic before it even hits your squeeze page . . . (You’ll save on your auto-responder bill by keeping your list smaller and higher quality)

You can tap the virtually untapped Spanish, French, German, Chinese, and Russian markets by routing them to specific foreign offers . . . (The underground super affiliates make a killing with “foreign marketing” and they tell no one about it)

You can have your own CPA offers that route good traffic to your optin forms but keeps the crap traffic at bay . . . (If you’ve ever wanted to have your own private CPA offer that generates a ton of leads, now you can do it while sorting the good leads from the bad)

You can track YouTube traffic to your site based on country . . . (Now you’ll know whether your YouTube efforts are worth it or not)

You’ll stop getting serial refunders from typical “high refund countries” from getting anywhere near your site or squeeze page . . . (Imagine never having to refund scammers from countries known to rip off affiliates and product sellers. Plus you’ll avoid chargebacks from foreign countries)

You can start your own solo ad agency and sell country-specific solo ads where you promise to send traffic that’s only from selected countries . . . (And you can charge more per click)

You can monitor geotargeted traffic from ad networks and make sure they’re delivering traffic only from the countries you agreed on . . . (Don’t get taken by ad networks that promise geotargeted traffic and deliver crummy traffic)

You can sweeten the EPCs of your products by making sure junk traffic never hits your sales page . . . (You’ll attract more affiliates and keep serial refunders away from your sales page)

You can send traffic from different countries to different payment processors when they check out . . . (You’ll be able to take payments from countries you couldn’t take payments from before now)

You’ll discover even more uses for this plugin on your own . . . (I’m sure you’re much more creative than me and you’ll find the sky’s the limit with this rare plugin)

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