Windscribe VPN Server 1 Year (50 GB/month) Free!

After a year of dedicated effort the Windscribe team officially launched in April, 2016. They offer a suite of solutions to help protect your privacy and secure your data online. We will primarily focus on their free and paid VPN services. In addition, Windscribe has a browser extension to block ads and trackers. They also have a secure link generator that will check links for trackers and let you know how safe the URL is before you visit it. For example, we entered in and the tool let us know that the site could track our location and behavior.


  • For Your Desktop
    Full VPN ClientProtects all of your computer activity like browsing, Skype, email and p2p from prying eyes.
    FirewallPrevents exposure of your home IP address in case of connection loss to Windscribe.
  • For Your Browser
    Ad and Tracker BlockerBlocks ads, beacons and trackers that can compromise your privacy online.
    Secure.linkGenerate and manage secure links right from your browser. Learn More.
  • Access Blocked Content
    Traveling abroad and want to access your favorite entertainment content as if you were home? We’ve got you covered.
  • Secure Public Wifi
    Public Internet connections are prone to being insecure and exploited by hackers. With Windscribe, you don’t have to worry about that.
  • Circumvent Censorship
    Almost all countries are engaged in some form of Internet censorship, and in many cases to an extreme level where most of the popular websites are blocked. Windscribe gives you complete and unrestricted access to the Internet, just like it was meant to be.
  • Share Files Securely
    Protect your Internet activity from prying eyes by sending all your traffic through an encrypted tunnel.
  • Believe in the Right to Privacy
    We believe that privacy is a right, not a privilege. You should be able to access whatever you want, without being tracked by your ISP, government, or a snooping network administrator. That’s why we’ve built Windscribe from scratch with that in mind in order to provide the best, and honest service we can.

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