vTargeter v1.1.17 PRO Cracked [Mac & PC]

The only complete YouTube free traffic system & software that shows you where to target, what to build & how to rank your videos, fast… Multiple #1 ranked YouTube videos (getting free daily traffic) in crazy competitive niches like website hosting, weight loss, online gaming and more…

vTargeter is like a pair of x-ray glasses that let’s you see exactly where the easy-traffic-wins are on YouTube…

You’ll find keywords your competitors missed
vTargeter grabs all the top keywords that YouTube suggests, giving you some serious keyword intel

You’ll spot easy opportunities
vTargeter analyzes a TON of YouTube data & shows you low-competition keywords where fresh content is needed or areas of high search activity but low content availability (we call that a void)

You’ll know where to target, what to create & how to rank
Don’t guess. Now you’ll see exactly what keywords to target, what style of videos to create & how to optimize & launch them… so you get results

Here’s how the software works…

You type in a seed keyword and vTargeter grabs all the related top-searched keywords directly from YouTube, so you know exactly what the highest traffic keywords are in your niche

vTargeter gather and analyzes 13 bits of data (and ranking factors) from the top ranked videos and shows you why those video are ranking and where there are easy-rank keyword opportunities for you

vTargeter crunches all this data, runs it through a proprietary algorithm and gives you ‘VT Score’ for each keyword — this clearly shows you how difficult or easy it is to rank for each keyword and identifies golden Tube Triad (low-hanging-fruit) keywords you should target.

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