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Import Real Members to Your Group Your Channel
#1 Telegram Services | Provide 100 % Real Telegram Members Auto add member telegram to your group or channel. VIKING deliver High-Quality Telegram service for clients worldwide, that will promote your businesses or projects to thousands of real telegram subscribers at the lowest cost and save you the most time.

What is Telegram
Telegram is a free cross-platform messaging app that may also be regarded as a combination between Whatsapp’s messaging speed and Snapchat’s security. Telegram is currently considered the hottest messaging app in the world, integrated across multiple platforms and operating systems. It provide a highly secure way of communicating for telegram subscribers that you can text, interact with friends without worries about being hacked by security agencies or hackers.


Take a look around VIKING
The Telegram application is a frequently used in the cryptocurrency community. With features such as the fastest speed in delivering messages, allowing to build groups up to 100,000 Telegram members, no limits on the size of your media and chats, Telegram is the ideal environment for ICOs community. For people working in crypto community, owning crowded & active ICO groups is indispensable for their businesses.

The increasing in Telegram channel’s or group’s member community has a huge impact on how users evaluate your business. Makele provide real, targeted and active members for your channel or group with the good quality in the fastest delivery way as possible. Real Telegram members are transfered from your targeted groups or highly trending groups that will provide many Telegram members who are not only knowledgeable about your business but easy to interact with yours, so keep your group promoted. Another key point to remember is that they are your potential users that will be motivated to take actions. BUY NOW your Telegram member, promote your business in minutes.

Reliability is the key of all the businesses. Communicating and engaging people effectively will allow you to be considered reliable and help you build trust in you and what you offer. VIKING is #1 Telegram service that provide you 100% real Telegram members to your group or channel. Wе ensure thаt wе deliver Telegram group members that we hаvе guaranteed. So, this keep uѕ thе most renowned brand in thе mаrkеt. Buy telegram grоuр mеmbеrѕ will promote уоu bоth branding and reliability in your business field.


Amazing Features
All of the orders will be done as soon as possible on the day of order without any delay. if you have any question feel free to ask

  • Export real user from the selected group
  • Import real user into any group or channel
  • Only need Your Group ID or Channel ID
  • We don’t use Fake Bot
  • 100% Real & Active Telegram Members
  • Aren’t you satisfied? Tell us, money-back in 10 minutes
  • Super fast! Getting 1000 users on only ONE hour
  • 24/7 support from our Technical Team

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