VeryPDF – PDF text Replacer v2.1 Full Version

Hunt words, add rules, select output folder and replace them with other text or images, without starting over with a new PDF document

VeryPDF PDF Text Replacer is an application created for text corrections. It can be set to find specific words and replace them with what you have told it to, such as text or images.


Add PDF files to replace words with text or images, set rules and select output folder
In the beginning, PDF files must be added to the application. You don’t have to only add the files one at a time, there can be multiple files added simultaneously.

The changes can either be made on one file or on all of them at once. These modifications can be selected according to position or content and the text can be replaced with something written or with images.

Basically, you have to add a few rules. You introduce the words you want to change and assign them the ones you want to replace them with. Before you make the changes, make sure you have selected the output folder, where the modified document will be placed.

After making a change, the rules can be cleared, so you don’t have to redo the steps all over again.

Within the program, there is a progress status bar (at the bottom of the application). It is a great addition to the program, showing how the changes occurred and if there were any issues during the process. Also, in the top side of the main window, is shown the name of the file, the number of pages, the size of the file and if the process succeeded.


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