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What is Twitter Laser?
Twitter Laser is a desktop application that allows uses to automatically tweet to users who have specific keywords in their tweets. For example if someone tweets “excited for game of thrones” then Twitter Laser can automatically send a tweet to this user saying something like “@user Hi Ben, I’m excited too! I wrote a cool post on this check it out”. There is no limit on the amount of keywords that can be monitored or accounts that can be used.

How does it work?
Firstly you add in your twitter account(s) you want to tweet from, then you configure what we call “lasers”. These are the keywords we will listen for and what to tweet to the user for each keyword. Once these lasers are configured Twitter Laser will automatically loop through these checking for new users to tweet to.


Why should I use it?
Twitter Laser if used correctly can generate hundreds of laser targeted visitors per day. You simply have to know all the keywords your potential website visitors will be tweeting and customise the message you tweet at them for each one. Where else can you generate such targeted traffic from Twitter?


Tips for max results

  • Don’t post spammy links or you’ll get your account and domain banned off Twitter pretty quickly.
  • Don’t run other Twitter automation software on the same machine/IP.
  • Tweet useful things to users and don’t annoy them.
  • Tweet from trusted and aged Twitter accounts.
  • Have a sensible delay between Tweeting messages to people.
  • Make your Tweets as targeted as possible so avoid many of the above.
  • As of 06/02/2018 this tool requires Chrome to be installed

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