Supagrowth Keyword Feast Cracked

What is Keyword Feast?
Keyword Feast is a Google Keyword finder tool and will generate near unlimited amounts of new keywords for you to tune your SEO efforts around. You’ll have more long tails than you’ll know what to do with, and a much greater understanding of what your website visitors are actually searching for making keyword research much easier. It will also alert you of any new keyword trends that people are searching for in your niche by comparing different sets of suggestion results from Google. Its all powered by the Google autocomplete system.

How does it work?
Keyword Feast works by taking your seed list of keywords and pulling all the suggested autocompletion results from the Google suggest feature. You know the one where you type in “funny videos of a” and you’ll get a list like the below appear.

  • apes
  • apples
  • africans
  • attacks

And so on. You can set many features such as the suggestion depth. 1-3 resulting in all a-z or aaa-zzz being used to find keywords from suggestions and if you really want a keyword overdose you can set keyword feast to generate keywords from the suggestions Google brings back. This is explained in the video below but it will basically get you thousands for most niches.


Why should I use this tool?
Sometimes when you’re breaking into a niche its best to go for the long tail search queries and this tool can find thousands of them for you. Also if you’re already in the SERPs for a good keyword but you want more traffic then sprinkle some of these long tails into your content and watch your traffic shoot up! Also the trend alert feature will allow you to find brand new keywords that have JUST entered your niche, where there is literally no competition for yet ๐Ÿ™‚

And where else are you going to find a keyword research tool that is completely free with no limits?


Known issues
If you’re planning on bringing back over 5000 keywords please bump up the delay between calls to Google to 1000 in the settings, so they don’t block your IP address for making to many API queries to quickly.

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