Supagrowth Free Public Proxy Finder Cracked

What is Free Proxy Finder?
Free Proxy Finder is a software tool that allows users to scrape open public proxies off proxy listing websites. It not only does this automatically in the background but it does it at scale, scraping hundreds of websites and then even testing the results for you.

How does it work?
You simply click “find proxies” and the software will fire queries at Google to find websites that have huge lists, once it finds these it will scrape their lists and test each result it finds to make sure its working for you by connecting to test websites. This all happens in the background saving you hours of work. The tool has two main options. Firstly the depth to scrape website results from Google, this can be 10 results per query or it can be up to 100. 100 will be slow but give you more results. 10 will be quicker but give you less results. The second option is the timeout on each proxy test, by default this is 10 seconds so if a successful connection can’t be made to the target website in under 10 seconds it will class that result as failed. This setting can be adjusted to any timeout value you desire.


Why should I use it?
This free tool will save you hours of work. If you wanted to build a huge list of proxies imagine how long it would take you to search for all the various keywords on Google then copy and paste each proxy server from each website then test each one. It would take literally weeks. This tool can do it for you in minutes. Private (dedicated and semi-dedicated) proxies should be used for any application that needs a reliable connection. Please do not use any public proxies sourced through this application on any of the tools provided on my website.

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