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What is External Domain Extractor?
External Domain Extractor is a desktop application that allows users to crawl websites and extract external (outbound) domains and links from each page of the target websites(s).

How does External Domain Extractor work?
External Domain Extractor has three methods of finding external domains and links.

  • Crawl a list of websites for external domains (outbound domains)
    If you have a list of websites that you would like to extract external links or domains from then you can simply enter them into the search type and External Domain Extractor will crawl each page of each website in this list.
  • Crawl search results by niche related keywords for external domains
    Enter a list of niche related keywords and External Domain Extractor will search Google for all these niche related keywords and crawl every domain returned for every niche related keyword, extracting all outbound links and domains.

Why should I use this software?
Most people use Google to find websites and people to market to. This might be fine for larger companies but many small businesses and people just don’t appear in Google. For example if you want to find webmasters who are in the internet marketing niche you’d have much more luck crawling Digital point or Black Hat World for outbound domains rather than searching Google for them by keywords. Plus you wouldn’t need hundreds of proxies.


How does this tool work?
Once the crawler has a domain(s) to crawl it will grab all links on the page. The outbound (external) domains or links will be added to the results section of the software and the internal links will be followed/crawled. This process is repeated until the entire website has been crawled.

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