Supagrowth Elite Content Creator Cracked

What is Elite Content Creator?
Elite Content Creator is a windows desktop application that is capable of generating an unlimited amount of niche related high quality content for your website. You simply give it your keyword then sit back and let the unique high quality content be generated.

How does it work?
When you enter your keyword into Elite Content Creator it simply scrapes YouTube for videos related to your keyword (there are several filters so you can find just what you are looking for) for every video it finds it will rip/scrape the subtitles from. This content is not indexed by Google so you can use it freely without worry of duplicate content issues. This tool even has a built in uniqueness checker just to be sure no one else has used this tool on the same video and uploaded the content to their website or the YouTube uploader has a transcript of the video on their website. This tool will even punctuate the content for you, producing excellent high quality articles for your website.


Why should I use it?
This tool is perfect for people who either want a high quaility content and articles for their white hat websites or people who want quality keyword and LSI rich content for the web 2.0s or PBNs. The quality of the content it produces is so good its also Adsense and Amazon safe. Writing quality content takes time and with this tool you can make use of the internets largest gold mine of unindexed high quality content…YouTube.

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