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What is Contact Form Submitter?
Contact Form Submitter is a software tool that allows users to generate traffic by automatically submitting a websites contact form with any given message and contact details. T his is one of the most powerful tools available for automatic contact form submission. Enter the required details such as your message, email, telephone number and website then click start and let this contact form bot do all the hard work for you.

How does it work?
Contact Form Submitter has three different modes of operation.

  • Submit to a list of websites – The software will work its way through a given list of websites attempting to find the contact form on each one then populate it with your message and contact details then automatically submit the contact form.
  • Submit to all websites results from a Google search query – The software will search Google for your given search querie(s) then search for a contact form on each website returned from Google. It will then populate it with your message and contact details then automatically submit the contact form. This is a great method for just entering your niche keywords and generating traffic for your website quickly and easily.
  • Endless posting on all websites it can find on the internet – Simply enter your seed websites and the tool will crawl these seed websites extracting all external domains and submitting their contact forms. It will then crawl these external domains repeating the process endlessly. True set and forget, generating traffic for your website.

Why should I use it?
This method is a great way to generate free traffic for your website. Its completely free with no trial or limitations. It can be highly targeted with a list you enter yourself or a niche search query run. Or it can simply message every website it can find!

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