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What is Bulk Moz DA Checker?
Bulk Moz DA Checker is a software tool that allows users to check an unlimited amount of websites, domains, web 2.0, URLs, pages, any web propery in fact for its Moz domain authority and Moz page authority. You simply create a free Moz account, which takes about 30 seconds and no credit card is required, then click generate API key and enter your key. And thats it, you can now check unlimited domains and website pages for their MOZ page authority and Moz domain authority.

How does it work?
In the background the tool make use of Moz’s API to fire batches (10 at a time) of domains or/and pages to their API which will return the Moz DA and PA for each one. The Moz API is a free resource provided by Moz for developers to quickly and easily get domain statistics regarding backlinks, spam scores and much more.



  • Bulk check web 2.0s
  • Bulk check web pages
  • Bulk check domains

Why should I use this software?
Knowing the domain authority of a domain can help you access how powerful a backlink from that domain is. For example a backlink from a DA 40 domain is much much stronger than a backlink from a DA 20 domain. The scale is logarithmic so 40 is not actually twice as strong as 20, its many times stronger. This tool will not just help you with assessing backlink sources it can help you with competition analysis too. For example you may use Google scraper to get the top 100 results for a keyword then run these 100 Google results through the tool to find the Moz DA + PA for each result. You might find that your chosen keyword is dominated by high DA websites and not worth pursuing, or you might find low DA domains and web pages with a PA of 1, meaning there are no backlinks pointing to them.

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