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CLOUD-BASED Software Responds To Facebook Messages & Comments, Gets You HOT Leads, And Makes Sales for You On Complete AUTOPILOT!
Instantly Inbox Your Prospects With Over 95% Open Rates Which Will Bring More Leads & Sales Into Your Business Guaranteed!

SociBot is a cloud-based, 1-click software tool that responds to Facebook messages, Facebook comments, and more… all on complete autopilot!
It’s like having your very own Facebook marketing assistant working to grow your business 24/7… 365 days per year!

SociBot Is Packed With Features Designed To Get You More Leads, More Traffic And Boost Sales

  • 100% Newbie-Friendly
    And Super Easy To Use. You don’t need any special coding skills,design skills, or technical experience of any kind to use SociBot.
    If you can point and click your mouse you have everything you need.
  • Hosted In The Cloud So There’s Nothing To Install
    Don’t you hate using software that’s complicated to install? SociBot makes it easy to get going right away because it’s hosted in the cloud… which means you don’t have to install anything… ever!
  • SociBot Automatically Responds To Any Private Messages You Receive
    Anytime a private message comes in, SociBot is ready to work for you by sending a response right away. This frees you up to do other things and prevents you from missing out on money-making opportunities.
  • Automatically Responds To Any Comments On Your Facebook Pages
    When someone leaves a comment on your Facebook pages, SociBot will respond with a comment or via a private Facebook message to the commenter depending on which option you choose.
  • All Messages Are Fully Customizable
    Everything is easy to customize right inside SociBot. You get to decide how SociBot responds, when it responds, and what it says.
  • Build Trust And Get Traffic With Facebook Badges
    Facebook awards pages that have over 90% response rates within 15 minutes or less.
    By being known as a “Fast Responder” on Facebook, you’ll build trust and get more referred traffic that’s ready to buy!
  • Add Everyone That Messages You To A List
    If someone messages you, they are clearly interested in what you have to offer and either want to buy or have a question.
    You don’t get a hotter prospect than this, which is why SociBot automatically adds anyone that sends you a message to a list.
  • Import Contacts With A Few Clicks
    If you have you own contacts that you want to add to your list, SociBot has an easy-to-use import feature
  • Send Messages To Your Newly Created ‘Hot’ Lists
    Forget horrible email open rates… Blast messages out to your newly-created HOT SociBot lists and enjoy 90-100% open rates.
  • Add A Button To Your Website That Opens Up To A Facebook Messenger
    Engage with customers and prospects on Facebook right from your website with simple buttons that let you receive messages on Facebook from anywhere.

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