Reddit Dominator v1.0.0.6 Cracked

Redditdominator – All In One Reddit Marketing Tool for Marketers.
Reddit, self-proclaimed as ‘The Front Page of the Internet’, is one of the most fascinating places online where people love things that are unique, funny, interesting, and cute to discover and share. It is immensely famed for bringing in qualified leads and helping business in so many sophisticated ways that many are not aware of.

With 12,000 subreddits with at least 100 followers each, 15 million unique page views per month and 8,000+ page subscriptions per day as of last count, Reddit is a powerful community of people. If you’re a marketer, you can immediately understand the brand equity and sales this resource can bring through sharing the content with over 90 million unique visitors.

Selectivity of impression, automatic segmentation of market and insanely interactive communities make Reddit one of the best content curation tools, spreading your content only to like-minded individuals. This can mean very precise targeting and a floodgate of leads if used correctly.
So when Redditors don’t like to be led astray by lazy marketing efforts, how do you leverage your brand to serve as a platform for valuable content to engage your audience? Here’s where RedditDominator comes to your help with its features to create a seamless marketing experience on Reddit.

Experience the power-packed features of RedditDominator crafted to meet your varied requirements for an impeccable digital marketing campaign. You can also download the detailed features guide here for your quick reference.

  • Account Manager
    As the name relates, Account Manager helps you upload accounts, delete accounts, assign proxy and clear of proxy.
  • Voting
    You can browse the urls as per your choice and vote them up and down with proper delay and proxy setting using the RedditDominator’s Voting feature.
  • Scrap URL
    This feature helps you use keywords for scraping various urls for voting. You can also ‘Delay’ and ‘Count ‘ to get the results you are looking for
  • Comment
    Using this feature you can comment on any post.
  • URL Submitter
    Here you can submit your post using Url. Also, you can choose a subreddit according to your post.
  • Text Submitter
    Use this feature to submit your post using text. You can also choose a subreddit to build your post.
  • User Checker
    User Checking helps you check whether a given username exists in reddit or not.
  • DBC Settings
    It allows you to use DBC (death by Captcha) for account creation by filling up the required details.
  • Proxy Settings
    It deals with both Public and Private proxies. Proxy setting enables you to check proxies and add the working proxies to database and clear proxies from database.

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