Product Catalog Feed PRO v3.0

Create WooCommerce XML feeds for Facebook Product Catalog or Google Merchand with just a few clicks
Unlimited auto-refreshing XML WooCommerce feeds for Facebook Product Catalog (Promote a product catalog option from the Ads Manager). No mapping effort is required and you have powerful filtering and customization options at your disposal.

NEW: out-of-the-box Google Merchant XML feed with powerful customization settings


WooCommerce Feeds for Facebook Product Catalog
You can make an unlimited number of WooCommerce XML feeds 100% compatible with Facebook Product Catalog. This way you can start your own Dynamic Ads campaign

WooCommerce Feeds for Google Merchant
With just a few clicks you can generate WooCommerce feeds for Google Merchant. The required fields will be automatically mapped and you can easily define rules for additional fields.

Auto Mapping, so you don’t have to work hard
The plugin will automatically pull the correct data for most (if not all) required fields.

You can easily map every feed filed to match any WooCommerce field you like.

Auto-Refresh, so your feeds are updated and you send the correct data
You can set-up an update interval, so your XML feeds are automatically updated.

Additionally, you can download the each feed as an XML or CSV document.

Packed with smart options

  • Easily edit or define brand or condition, so your feeds don’t get rejected
  • Replace CAPITAL letters from product titles, so you can respect Facebook requirements.
  • Define TAX rules, so your feeds will always show the correct product prices

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