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Keyword Strategy Studio – Keyword Idea Generation & Brainstorming Software for Windows. Find unique and new keyword ideas based on current news, trends, popularity and social media buzz.

– A powerful research & analysis software to get a complete all-round grasp of the keyword subject
– Expand on a simple base keyword to generate thousands of related keywords and phrases
– Generate ideas from current news, top selling products, web page titles, social network chats and more.

How does keyword strategy studio work?
Keyword Strategy Studio works by obtaining a large number of ideas based on the base keyword you enter. These include recent news headlines, products that are being sold, top ranked web page titles on the subject, social network discussions etc.

You can view the generated keyword ideas by clicking on one of the lists under the Keyword Ideas group in the task panel.

Once the software has obtained all the relevant data, you can create your own keyword phrases based on the keyword ideas that are displayed. Keyword Strategy Studio allows you to manage this through the keyword library.

Unique Keyword Research Method
Most people use Keyword Suggestion Tools like the Google Keyword Planner to generate keywords. Keyword Strategy Studio uses a different approach to do a deep analysis of the subject you are interested in and digs up almost everything on the base keyword you type in!

According to Google, a quarter of all daily searches on Google have never been seen before! Keyword Strategy Studio can help you find those hidden new keywords!

Learn Everything About your Subject!
Keyword Strategy Studio is a powerful keyword planning software because it allows you to get a complete, all-round idea of the subject you are researching.

For example, if you want to find keywords about digital cameras, you will want to know things like.

  • Models of digital cameras that sell well
  • Digital camera related products that are being sold through online bidding
  • Recent news headlines about digital cameras.
  • Recent social discussions (tweets) about digital cameras.
  • Web page titles that appear at the top of search engines results for “digital camera”.
  • Hundreds of Semantically related keyword phrases.

Research Keyword Trend History
Use Keyword Strategy Studio to find the top trending keyword phrases on any date after August 2013.
Use this tool to get insights on what people are interested in and what keywords you may want to target on in a specified month, etc.

  • Select between top searches and trends
  • Pick a date, select the country / region & click “Retrieve data”
  • Click on any of the embedded link buttons to analyze and / or learn more about the phrase

Clean, Modify & Multiply Large Keyword Lists
The Keyword Workshop tab in Keyword Strategy is a powerful tool for cleaning, multiplying and modifying your keyword lists.

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