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This app has been designed from the ground up to provide a total solution…
– Its cloud based so nothing to install and no technical knowledge required
– We knew we had to make this copy and paste simple
– Build in the key protocols to automatically authenticate emails sent from the app

We created a simple but ingenious pre-configured template set up that enables you to create and verify all the essential components to OBTAIN TRUSTED SENDER REPUTATION
This is an amazing opportunity to SEND EMAILS LIKE THE PROS and really start to put your email marketing efforts onto the next level with no monthly fees

Check out the comprehensive range of features only found in premium email service solutions

  • No tech required
    Nothing to install, no cron jobs to set up, no annoying plugins to constantly update and all future updates are included
  • Fully mobile responsive
    Set up campaigns, check the stats from anywhere in the world, the app is fully responsive with all functions available
  • Unlimited Everything
    The only limit is your imagination, add unlimited subscribers, lists, campaigns, reports and SMTP servers
  • Cloud based app
    Instant access from anywhere in the world, log in and create your campaigns, check your stats and export your data
  • Drag and drop editor
    Create beautiful email newsletters using the drag n drop html built in editor or choose from the gallery
  • Smart Import/Export
    IImport subscribers and templates and export report data to excel and subscribers and templates
  • Single or Double opt in
    You decide, Set your list to single or double and add a redirect to your single optin OTO page
  • Follow ups/Broadcasts
    Set follow up messages for months to come and send a regular email immediately or set a time in the future
  • List Automation
    Create segments per list, move subscribers based on actions, move to a new list if open/doesnt open for increased conversions
  • Set you SMTP quota
    Shedule the app to limit emails sent per hour so you never exceed the free monthly allowance of free emails
  • Automatic list cleaning
    Clean your list automatically with the built-in bounce removal tool. Hard bounces are removed immediately and soft after 5 sends
  • Full Reporting Suite
    Track opens, clicks and unsubscribes, view the details on a world map and see the top performing platforms.

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