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G-Map Data Extractor – Extract G-Business Public Data Location Wise
Our G-Maps extractor is a Easy to use, versatile, lightweight and powerful G-Maps scraper tools. G-Maps Contact Scraper is software that extracts information such as business names, address, phone numbers, websites from G-maps.

Our G-map data extractor is single PC license software that helps you pull useful data by scraping G-maps. It helps you look for specific types of businesses in any given location.
For Ex. If You Want Grocery Stores Data in any specific location, then just put like: Delhi, Grocery Store.
You will get all data from G-map can save in csv file.


Feature of G-map data extractor:

1. Name of the business
2. Address as listed in G-map
3. Website as updated in G-map
4. Phone number of the business
5. No need using API Google


By using G-map data extractor, a client can benefit in multiple ways. They can:

Can do direct marketing of your products to desirable businesses.
Like You Can use all travel agent available in any city like Delhi.

Collect data for local market. For Ex, sometimes, a client may want to distribute pamphlet in a newspaper. By knowing which area is densely populated in target business segment, pamphlet distribution can be done to give better ROI.

This data can be used to distribute sales and networking areas for the field teams.

Multiple other use cases can be created using this data. Consult our business expert today to know how can this software benefit your business and save you money and effort now!

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