Excel Document Details Editor v2.5.0.11 Cracked

Excel Document Details Editor is a tool devised to culminate the workload of altering details of Excel files. The software has the latest characteristics rigged in it that can be essential while editing properties of excel. These features assist in finishing the task at the shortest span of time. It is a tool that has all the skills of editing properties like category, keywords, title, author, etc. in numerous excel files.

This xls file property editor can execute various extensions of excel files like .xls, xlsx, etc. & has the competency to process ample amount of them in one go. It also has option to save the files where details have been altered. They can be kept in their old folder or can create a new folder for them. The software is flexible to perform in all variants of Excel i.e. 2013, 2010 & 2007 and can perform smoothly in all of them. It is the best tool to edit properties of excel.

  • This software can edit properties of excel files.
  • Properties like author, category, keywords, etc. can be edited in excel.
  • It supports excel files of all versions like .XLS, .XLSX, etc.
  • The software has the efficiency to process infinite number of excel files.
  • Files with edited properties can be saved in a target folder assigned by user.
  • It flexible to work in all versions of MS office i.e. 2013, 2010 & 2007.
  • It is very quick in the job & does exactly as ordered.

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