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Contact Page Submitter (CPS) Software For the Automation of Website Contact Page Email Submissions
Contact Page Submitter (CPS) Software simply and amazingly automates you visiting tens of thousands of websites per day, finding the website contact page and then submitting your personalized message directly to a targeted executive named in your presentation!

All Features and benefits of Contact Page Submitter (CPS):

  • CPS is very user friendly software that can be installed on your PC while you do other work and it will run all day at NO COST!
    Because your presentations are being delivered based upon utilization of URL’s
    (website addresses) that means the business data does not go stale or bounce like email addresses—- nor do you have issues of being black-listed or getting complaints!
  • You simply upload a business data file of millions of targeted business URL’s (i.e. websites domain names) into CPS and simply type your presentation into a box in CPS and that presentation gets auto submitted into the Contact Pages of tens of thousands of websites per day!
  • When you upload your business data file of company URL’s (i.e. Website Addresses) into the CPS searchable database you may also upload any other data columns of information in the data record—- which these data values can also be used to “personalize” each automated presentation. (Executives First Name, Executives Last Name, Company Name, Street Address, City, State, Phone, Fax, email, SIC CODE, NAISC CODE, etc. can all get added into your presentation on the fly.)
  • You do not need to upload the actual Contact Page URL of the business, only the home page URL needs to be uploaded, as CPS will incredibly find the Contact Page to auto insert your presentation for you!
  • CPS has a robust database which allows you to simply point and click to filter through your business database to send messages by auto inserting into your presentation over 20 data fields.
  • CPS automatically personalizes every website submission as CPS allows you to put in the header name of the data columns and when your message is posted the header of the column is replaced with the value in that data row. Example: The header name for first name column of the business data is: “First_Name” and therefore if you simply put: “First_Name” in your presentation the header name will be replaced with the actual executive’s first name that is in the uploaded business data file. You can do: First_NameLast_Name or any other data column to personalize every submission so it looks like you personally visited the website and wrote a letter to a key executive!
  • Because it looks like you personally visited the website you’re treated as a “Guest in the Website Owners House” compared to using other contact business prospecting methods which make you appear more as bulk solicitor.
  • Because CPS is predicated on using the businesses website address to contact business, which obviously does not change often, you do not have the issues of quickly losing valuable data like marketing by bulk emailing where email addresses go bad quickly.
  • No Email Filter Issues as the CPS submissions completely bypass the company email filters!
  • CPS even has the option to submit to only websites without captcha codes (75% of market) or to “bypass captcha codes” that are required by about 25% of websites to submit your message into those contact pages. CPS uses which charges only $1.38 per 1,000 captcha’s solved.
  • Your custom message can automatically contain all your contact information as if you were filling out each block on the contact page. Even your website link can be submitted and CPS handles “Unicode” for foreign website submissions.
  • CPS has a “Web Search Feature” that simultaneously uses Google, Bing and Yahoo Search Engines, enabling you to do a targeted search on any business industries and import the results into CPS for automatic website contact page submissions! Unlimited free targeted business data collection of top rated businesses!
  • CPS “Web Search Feature” enables you to further refine your data results by looking for certain keywords within your results to obtain much better targeting!
  • CPS “Web Search Feature” gives you the option to add block certain websites TLD’s collected like .org, .edu etc.
  • CPS “Web Search Feature” enables you to block “Definition” type websites and “Directory” type Websites. Example: Say you are searching for “Insurance” —So you do get web search results that include Definition sites like Wikipedia defining what Insurance is—-OR a site like online
  • Yellow Pages site where the main URL collected is
  • CPS has a built–in email address collector that when a website does not have a Contact Page you can ask CPS to collect all the email addresses from the website URL’s uploaded. This email address collector allows you to export a .csv file of all email addresses found from each website. If there are many emails found per website CPS will place only one email address per data row in the exported .csv file so those email addresses can easily be uploaded into an emailer.
  • CPS enables you to obtain: Free Confirmed Deliverable Targeted Business Executives Email Addresses
  • If you need highly targeted business executives email addresses you upload business data without an email address and CPS will create and confirm deliverability of an email address.
  • CPS even has the option to submit to only websites without captcha codes (75% of market) or to “bypass captcha codes” that are required by about 25% of websites to submit your message into those contact pages. CPS uses which charges only $1.38 per 1,000 captcha’s solved.
  • CPS can take business data that does not have emails and create business emails, verify that they are deliverable without emailing them and append the emails to the data record that gets exported as a .csv file.

Two Scenarios’:
Scenario I) You have executives name and business URL:

  • You upload business data in which the data record has the first and last name of the executive and has the URL for the business.
  • Let’s say the executive is: John Doe and he works at
  • The Business Email Address Appender will create about a dozen of the most common corporate email address structures and then use the integrated email address verifier that will confirm which of the dozen is the deliverable one without ever emailing it!
    Example: Here are a few of the most common corporate structures: for John Doe who works at [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
  • The feature will use the above sample email structures and several more and then run the email addresses through the email verifier to see which of these may be deliverable. It gets 78% of the uploaded records appended with the correct email address!
  • After you go through your uploaded list you can export just the data records that have confirmed deliverable email addresses appended.
  • Since the CPS software enables you to upload business data from software’s that gather executives names and business URL’s like: Facebook
  • Software, Manta Software, Manufacturer’s and Hardware Suppliers, Yellow Pages, White Pages, Maps.Google, etc. You can generate many millions of data records with confirmed deliverable email addresses.
  • If you have more data values in the record you can also for convenience upload the whole record so you do not have to do a matching job later. CPS will just insert the correct email address into the open column of your data row.

Scenario II) You only have the business URL and you want email addresses of the business:

  • You do not have an employee name but you have a domain. Sample:(
  • The CPS enables you to create “Department” emails and then runs those creations through the email verifier to see if your educated guess is correct. Common business departments include:
    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected].
  • The business data that is included in the CPS purchase comes from Database database ( outside the USA) and has a Business Database with over 20 fields of information per record that is updated daily which has over 100 Million business records!
  • Database Emailer has a real-time online data query – data bank system which won the Innovative Solutions Award from “Information Management Magazine”. More information about DatabaseEmailer can be found here:
  • The query system enable you to target, unlimited use business data, by Type of Industry (SIC/NAISC CODE), geographically (Zip, City,
  • County, State, Country), by Employee Size, by Company Revenue, Titles of Executives, and more and you can also use your own data!
  • User Friendly CPS operates on any Windows PC or can be installed on any Windows Server.

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