Batch Excel to ODS Converter v2.1.1.21 Cracked

Convert XLS files to ODS files – Batch Excel to ODS Converter is an indispensable tool for those who have to convert .XLS and .XLSX format file to .ODS format files in bulk on day to day basis. Such a conversion becomes essential when files of a particular type are wanted or when you want to use text editors that support .ODS format & not .XLS and .XLSX format.

excle to ods
You can convert XLS to ODS file or batch process files in one go by simply dumping them into this software & giving the command to convert them. The original files can be kept intact while the new files can be saved in the destination space of your choice.
This XLS to ODS converter has got various USPs that makes it far above the competition. Firstly, the data in the files does not get tampered in any way. The format changes but the content remain unaltered. It is blazingly fast while being very easy to use. Finally, it runs like a charm on various versions of Windows so the user never has to bother about compatibility while handling loads & loads of files at one go.
Key Features:

  • Allows the user to convert .XLS files in batches directly into ODS
  • Renders files compatible with the various text editing software
  • The converted files can be saved easily enough while keeping the original files intact
  • The content of the files remains unaltered
  • Has a user-friendly interface for hassle-free operation
  • Can handle the mammoth workload at a blazingly fast speed
  • Is capable enough to handle files made using different versions of MS Excel
  • Is compatible with all popular versions of Windows.
Batch EXCEL to ODS Converter

Batch EXCEL to ODS Converter

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