Audio Mammoth Full Package

Audio Mammoth is a brand-new collection of more than 3000 high quality premium audio tracks such as music, intros, outros, sound effects and many more in wide selection of genres that you can use in any of your projects. And for a limited time only you have the option to grab reseller rights to Audio Mammoth, so you can resell and keep 100% of the profits.
Why Audio Mammoth Offer a Complete No Brainer Deal?

Yes, it can cost $10 to $50 to license just one single audio track out there, but with Audio Mammoth you are getting more than 3000 music tracks for pennies. Not to mention during this special introductory launch you have the option to grab reseller license to these music tracks so you can resell these audio tracks and keep 100% of the profits making this deal an absolute no brainer!
Preview some of the audio tracks in the Audio Mammoth package.

* Please note that the Audio Mammoth is included with more than 3000 audio tracks covering full length, intros, ambience, sound fxs and many more. Below is only a tiny glimpse of what you will get in the package.

Behind Enemy
Here We Go
Night Shift
Piano Piece
Melodic Dubstep
Intro Pop

Not only you will get thousands of high quality audio tracks, but all the audio tracks are also organized into easy to browse genre categories so you can find what you need easily.

The Audio Mammoth Values is Tremendous, Summary of What You Will Get in the Package:

Immense values, why settle for one audio track where you can get massive collection of thousands over studio quality audio tracks for pennies per track?

Impressive quality: Yes, Audio Mammoth boast crazy values but absolutely no quality has been sacrificed for this. All the audio tracks in the Audio Mammoth collection are premium studio quality that you can use in any project.
Works with your favourite software, all music files are in standard mp3 or WAV format, so you can use them in almost all the video, presentation and media authoring software out there.

Flexible license to choose from, you can pick from royalty free license so you can use these audio tracks unlimited times in unlimited projects without having to pay additional fees or the super valuable reseller rights option so you can resell these and keep 100% of the profits!

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