Ad Trackz Gold v7.0 + WP Plugin

The Most Comprehensive Industry Leading Ad Tracking Solution That Will Save You Massive Amounts Of Money and Time And Will Increase Your Sales and Ad Responses Exponentially!

With over 10,000+ Worldwide Customers and counting, Ad Trackz Gold is a widely known and trusted Ad Tracking Solution on the market.


Here’s a quick run down of everything Adtrackz Gold can do for you…

  • Tells you how many people come to your website from each traffic source so you can know with certainty which ad campaigns actually work.
  • Tracks sales, subscriptions, downloads, upsells, downsells, cross-sells etc. from each of your traffic sources – don’t just track visitors, track your conversions and sign-ups too.
  • Tracks sales on affiliate websites with Postback and TID / SID Tracking
  • Calculates cost per click, cost per sale, and cost per action for each one of your traffic sources so you can see if the return on your investment is worth it.
  • Tracks which keyword generates the sale in google adwords, bing, yahoo or any major ppc engine.
  • Analyzes and logs your click to sale and click to action conversion ratios!
  • Calculates your Return on investment, so you can quickly see which traffic sources are making money, and which are not!
  • Protects your affiliate sales from commission theft with encrypted html redirect pages!
  • Automatically Shortens Your Tracking Urls!
  • Gives you Unique “Bird’s Eye View” of all your traffic sources in Real Time! (you’ll never have to click and load many different pages to get your essential statistics)
  • Customizes and saves your favorite statistics report so you can login and press one button to check all your statistics!
  • Reveals what urls people came from before clicking your ads!
  • Groups your campaigns by website, type of ad, purpose of campaign, or anything you want–you can easily customize everything so you’ll be able to get the exact information you want fast!
  • Specify Pay Per Click Analysis for PPC campaigns, or specify Recurring Cost campaigns for any type of payment schedule you like!
  • Use sub-Campaigns to fine tune your tracking, down to the tiniest detail!
  • Built-In Split Tester with exclusive statistics section!
  • Ability to shorten tracking URLS, and make them look like just another page on your web site (so people won’t even know they’re being tracked).
  • Track your eMail and Newsletter Open-Rate
  • See exactly from what countries you are getting sales and redirect traffic to other Campaigns using powerful redirect rules.
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