WooCommerce Free Shipping Bar v1.0.4

What is Woocommerce Free Shipping Bar?

WooCommerce free shipping bar is a plugin to help you increase your revenue by encouraging customers to buy more products to get free shipping. It works like cross-selling but a cross-sell product is replaced by free shipping method.

What can WooCommerce free shipping bar do?

  • Display the minimum order to quality Free Shipping method.
  • The progress bar shows how much customers purchased and how much they need to spend more to get free shipping with percentage display.
  • Show congratulation message when customers purchase enough to reach minimum amount for Free Shipping.
  • Show error message when customers check out without reach the free shipping.


  • Support users know how much they have purchased to receive free shipping
  • Works on mobile! Turn on or turn off them.
  • Detect User’s IP to get shipping method of their country.
  • Direct adjustment progress bar will show: Background color bar, text color, background color progress bar, background color current progress bar, font-family, font size.
  • Avaiable 3 styles to display progress bar.
  • Avaiable 2 styles position to show progress bar.
  • Enable or Disable percentage current.
  • Custom message Anounce system.
  • Custom message purchased.
  • Custom message success.
  • Custom message error.
  • Set initial delay, time to display to show.
  • Allow close progress bar.
  • Allow hidden Progress bar from specific pages.
  • SPEED. Progress bar uses Ajax Technology. It will load when action.
  • Easy to use

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