WooAffiliates v1.2.1 WordPress Plugin Nulled

WooAffiliates is the most complete affiliates plugin on the Market!
We’ve combined all major affiliation programs : Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress and Envato Affiliates into one major Affiliation WordPress Plugin!
The WooAffiliates plugins allows you to mass import products from all affiliation programs in the same time! That way you can earn commissions from Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress and Envato Market simultaneously!
Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer, and their affiliate program is the world’s most popular affiliate program.


  • Mass import products from all affiliation programs at the same time! That way you can earn commissions from Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress and Envato Market simultaneously!
  • Inbuilt GeoTarget to find the customer’s location and route to correct eBay/Amazon store!
  • Import from any Amazon location: Worldwide, Amazon Germany, Amazon United Kingdom, Amazon Canada, Amazon France, Amazon Japan, Amazon India, Amazon Italy, Amazon China, Amazon Spain.
  • AliExpress gives benefit, as the more sales you generate, more you’ll earn. Aliexpress commission rates vary by product, with some rates as high as 50% and is free and easy to join.
  • eBay pays affiliates based on the traffic sent, with the amount paid per transaction based upon a percentage of eBay revenue. Pricing is based on category-level commission rates, with bonuses paid for attracting new and reactivated eBay buyers. Essentially, the more revenue your traffic generates for eBay, the more you’ll be paid.
  • Import from any eBay location: eBay Austria, eBay Australia, eBay Switzerland, eBay Germany, eBay Canada (English), eBay Spain, eBay France, eBay Belgium (French), eBay Canada (French), eBay UK, eBay Hong Kong, eBay Ireland, eBay India, eBay Italy, eBay Motors, eBay Malaysia, eBay Netherlands, eBay Belgium (Dutch), eBay Philippines, eBay Poland, eBay Singapore, eBay United States, eBay China, eBay Russia, eBay Sweden and eBay Taiwan.
  • Envato Market sites, offer 30% of customers’ initial spend, that means 30% commissions for you! NOTE: 90 days cookie feature that will get you more revenue! Once a user gets referred to any of the Envato Market websites, they have 90 days to sign up before the cookie expires.
  • As extra bonus the plugin comes bundled with a custom eCommerce Theme perfectly suited for WooAffiliates! But it also works with any wordpress theme as well. [I am still working on the theme.]

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