Title Analyzer v1.0.1.1 Cracked

Title Analyzer is a new breakthrough software that can tell you if a given headline will convert well or totally suck! Imagine knowing which one of your headlines will convert more clicks, leads, and sales without even testing!

Instantly Know Exactly Which Title or Headline Will Bring in More Traffic, Clicks, & Conversions!

  • Your Own Personal Crystal Ball
    The internal analysis algorithm uses 4 separate methods to calculate the overall performance score for each headline you enter! It’s like having a crystal ball in the palm of your hands .. that actually works!
  • Insert Multiple Titles
    Insert as many titles or headlines as you want! This powerful software will analyze as many as you can throw at it! Plus, you don’t require an internet connection to analyze your titles .. therefore, avoid memory hogging internet delays!


Having this kind of power in the palm of your hands is guaranteed to boost your traffic, clicks, conversions & sales for literally ANY product or service you can think of!

  • Instant Suggestions!
    We didn’t stop there! Title Analyzer will not only score your headlines, but provide detailed suggestions on how to IMPROVE your headlines even more!
  • Optimize Your Scores!
    The internal algorithm uses 1,828 power words for strategically calculating the overall performance score of your titles. You can insert or remove any power words you want to personalize the score for your specific needs! From our research, this is the largest set of “emotional power words” collected into one database!
  • Headline Editor!
    You also get another built-in editor tool for quickly optimizing your headlines. This sophisticated editor instantly reveals the color-coded statistical data while you are editing!
    Plus, there’s a built-in synonym thesaurus connected to your internal power words database, therefore, making it super fast ( and EASY ) to insert the best power words into your headlines! “This Tool is to a Copywriter as a Calculator is to an Accountant!”


Changelog Version ( Jan 25, 2020 ):
  • Fixed issue where the decimal point is represented by a comma in different countries affecting the internal data calculations
  • Fixed issue where the instant text search was filtering out all data for the power words database in the title editor tool
  • Removed “Get data stats” item from the right-click menu of the title editor tool because it was redunant and not needed. Simply click the “Calculate data” button located at the top right-hand corner of the title editor window to calculate (or re-calcualte) the word data stats.


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