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What is DoComment?
But fear not DoFollow links still exist however now days they are rare and most comments are moderated first. So to successfully use DoFollow blog comments to help rank your website on Google you need to use software to automatically search the internet for these websites that have DoFollow blog comment sections then manually leave a comment and link of value that the website owner will approve. DoComment listens to every tweet that is related to your niche then follows any links it finds in those tweets then checks to see if they’re are any DoFollow blog comment links available on that website.

What are Do Follow Blog Comments?
Ok so everyone knows the more websites/links that are pointing to your website, the higher you appear on the Google search results. Yes I know there are other things like link quality and content etc to consider but generally speaking this is true. These links can either be marked with “Do follow” or “No follow” by the website owner when they create the link. If the link is Do Follow generally it will help boost you up the Google search engine results and if its NoFollow it will have little if any effect at all. So obviously you only want DoFollow links. Now a few years ago when you posted a comment on a blog any links you added were all DoFollow so people wrote software to mass automate this leaving annoying spammy comments that caused website owners and CMS creators to make sure most comments were automatically NoFollow.


Why should I use DoComment?
You should use DoComment because its a great way of finding niche related spam free safe backlinks to boost your website up the Google search engine results.


How does DoComment work?
DoComment uses the twitter streaming API to listen to niche realated keywords you set. It then follows the links in these niche related tweets and analyzes the HTML to see if it thinks its found some DoFollow links in the comments section.

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