Mr. X’s SEO Whitehat Link Building Course

A Step-by-Step SEO Ranking Video Every Week, from Long Time Friend and SEO Expert that Used To Be Jimmy’s Rival in One of the Most Competitive SEO Spaces In The World! There are few people in the world that Jimmy Kelley would consider his equal when it comes to pushing extremely competitive SEO rankings at the enterprise level. Mr. X is an exception to this rule.

The problem is that Mr. X does not want anything to do with the public eye, internet marketing conferences or personal branding.
This member’s area will be getting pretty full week by week with the cutting edge methods and techniques used by Jimmy and Mr. X when working for enterprise-level fortune 100 clients.

It took us a lot of effort to get him to provide training for the JKD community. You are going to want to listen closely to what he has to say as Mr. X has successfully implemented extremely sophisticated and profitable SEO results for hundreds of clients and dozens of Fortune 500 companies.

Class Curriculum

Intro Video: Jimmy Kelley Introduces Mr. X
Intro Video: Jimmy Kelley Introduces Mr. X (5:26)

Ask Mr. X (Submit Your Questions for Weekly Consideration)
Ask Mr. X Typeform (Submit Your Questions for Weekly Consideration)

Answers to FAQ’s from Mr. X
Video FAQ Answers from Mr. X SEO! (6/8/2017) (27:35)
Video FAQ Answers from Mr. X SEO! (5/2/2017) (36:19)
Q: Would the web 2.0 buffer (10 or 25) be safe for new domains? How would you go about diluting anchors on a new domain?

Mr. X Recommended Tools, Software and SEO Resources
Recommended Tools and Websites with Insight Mr. X (PDF)
Best Huffington Post Links to Buy – No-Follow and Follow Links
The Mr. X Recommended Link Building Service

1. The Ecom Parasite Page Video Series (Earns Money)
1. Video: How to Quickly & Easily Build a Ecom Parasite Page that Ranks & Banks in Google Using Weebly and Popshops (11:31)
2. Video: The $35 Fiverr Link Building Method That will Ranks Any Website (11:40)
3. Video: How to Create a 301 Bridge Using a Relevant 301 Domain (23:44)
4. Video: Parasite Ranking Results (Early Results from 2 Days) (1:45)
(Update) Pop-Shop Work Around (5:57)

Bonus: Easy Social Traffic
Video: How to Easily Boost Traffic from Pinterest (17:50)

SEO Competitive Research Training
Competitive Analysis & Link Building Using “Link Intersect” By AHrefs (7:52)

Advanced Link Building Methods
Video: How to Get a Do Follow Backlink From + (14:01)
Video: How to Quickly Build Niche Relevant Links Using Link Roundups & Trackbacks (23:35)
Video: How to Create a 301 Bridge Using a Relevant 301 Domain (23:44)
Video: How to Diversify a Backlink Profile using Audio & Podcast Submissions (15:21)
Video: How to Get a Niche “Dofollow” Backlink from Ebay and Make Money At The Same Time! (14:46)
Video: How to Get A Do-Follow In-Content Link From Amazon (9:05)
Interlink Pushing Method – Dropping Links Like Bombs (12:06)
Video: How to Create a Bridge using URL Shortener
Video: How to Rank an Image in Google Image Search

2. Mr. X SEO Training Courses
1. Video – How to Diversify a Backlink Profile, using Audio, Video & Document Sharing Websites
2. Video – How to do White Hat Link Building Using Search Engine Queries (Coming Soon)
3. Video – How to do Effective Competitive Link Building Analysis & Outreach (Coming Soon)
4. Video – How to Build and Rank a Datafeedr Website (Coming Soon)
5. Video – How to Setup Datafeedr Blog Syndication to Social Channels (Coming Soon)
6. Video – How to Rank Images in Google Image Search (Coming Soon)

How to do Niche Research like a Boss (Coming Soon)
Video: How to do Niche Research like a Boss and Do Successful Affiliate Marketing for Competitive Keywords (Coming Soon)

Mr. X Blueprint Course – How to Rank a New Website (Coming Soon)
How to Rank a New Website with Mr. X (Coming Soon)

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