MailStyler 2 Pro v2.21.09.09 Cracked

The most effective template editor for emails, and the only software that generates HTML responsive newsletters for a perfect rendering of all mail clients. Coupled with SendBlaster, it ensures the best design for your emails with a few clicks. MailStyler is the world’s easiest-to-use newsletter creation software: it lets you build perfect email templates with a simple series of drag&drops, without writing a single line of code.

You’ll be able to create an effective responsive newsletter in seconds, complete with your images and content, with the certainty that it will always render correctly in any email clients. Being a software, MailStyler is s also extremely quick and much more powerful than all similar online template builders or newsletter editors.


  • Create templates with drag-and-drops : MailStyler offers a WYSIWYG, drag and drop email editor which is so simple and intuitive that it’s impossible to make it wrong.
  • Neatly coded templates that will always look great : Worried by email rendering issues? With MailStyler, all templates will look perfect on any clients or webmails (e.g. Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail etc). That’s why you don’t need to code in HTML/CSS.
  • No HTML/CSS knowledge is required : MailStyler lets you create emails and newsletters without any coding. You will simply combine our pre-made HTML blocks as you wish, building your newsletter brick by brick.
  • Unlimited editing possibilities : The range of tweaks that you can do with MailStyler is huge, and far beyond any competitors: size, styles, margins, fonts, boxes, images… Anything can be modified in a few clicks, to build a truly unique layout that fits your brand identity.
  • Images for any needs : MailStyler comes with a library of 2000+ images to enhance your creativity and help you compose an original design.
  • Dedicated cloud space : The Pro version of MailStyler offers a dedicated cloud space where to put and manage your images, and forget once for all any FTP uploading issues.
  • Compatible with all email clients, software and services : Each newsletter created with MailStyler is usable with all major email platforms, from the common free clients (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) to professional marketing software products and services (SendBlaster, MailChimp, etc.)
  • Automatic image resizing/cropping : Need to fit an uploaded image to a newly adapted box? With our resizing/cropping tool it’s a matter of seconds. No more stretched pictures!
  • Responsive blocks : For a newsletter that renders perfectly on smartphones and tablets, we provide responsive blocks that will automatically resize if opened on a mobile device. To offer the best readability also on small screens.
  • Ready-made styles & palettes : MailStyler provides a tuned color palette with different balance of shades, to help you determine the best outfit for your email.
  • One-click exporting : Once finished your design, you can export it as an .eml or .html literally with one click and use it on any professional marketing software products, services and clients.


  • The new Server version is now available for use with Windows Server.
  • The Pro and server versions now feature a save/open files from MailStyler’s cloud.
  • Side panels are now wider and include a map of the whole newsletter.
  • Source images can now be embedded in MailStyler’s files for easy sharing and editing (Pro/Server version only).
  • Button style now supports spacing for line 1 and line 2 texts.
  • New menus with quick action and new logos.


  • Improved compatibility for responsive templates on newer email clients.
  • Autosave now creates a persisting copy of each file and keeps it for 6 months.
  • Images with Adobe color profiles are now handled properly.
  • Improved positioning of text on buttons.


  • Moving blocks with composite images no longer loses the image source.
  • In some cases, rounded images were not properly exported.
  • Fixed Export menu error for Norwegian and Korean languages.
  • Minor bugs fixed.


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