Jarvee v2.0.8.2 Cracked

Schedule Your Posts and Grow All Your Social Accounts 10 Times Faster Than Before!
JARVEE is doing the work of an entire social media team that ensures your online brand’s success. 24/7 without the lunch breaks. JARVEE is definitely for you, if your goal is to:
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  • Schedule all your social media updates for future publish : Find perfect timing for your content with Mass Planner and post them on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.
  • Find and automatically join new Groups in you niche : Automatically find new Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn Groups in your niche, to extend your audience and attract new customers.
  • Automatically share your posts on Facebook Groups : Have your unique content automatically shared with the groups you’re member of. This is a tested and guaranteed way to drive more reach and engagement to your posts.
  • Auto-Follow people in your niche : Find and automatically follow Twitter/Pinterest/Google+/Instagram accounts with Mass Planner based on keywords for your niche.
  • We don’t advertise our presence on your posts : Keep your own voice on social media with our newly-available technology to build trust and long-lasting relationships with your costumers.
  • Fast and Reliable customer support : We want to make sure you get the most out of Mass Planner and create impactful and relevant marketing strategies for your business.

Changelog Version Version – December 18th:

– Campaign – What To Publish – Folders – For an image or video (e.g. x.jpg) a custom post template is extracted from the file x.txt if it is found in the same folder
– Tools – Added Full Browser Experience column to the tools list
– Campaign – Scheduled – Post List – added Next Publishing Date column to the list
– Binary file account import – optimised import operations
– Tools – Details – added option to manage tabs for all social profiles

– Global Tools – Add new tool to record scrape users history, for followers and location scrape types, for all accounts
– Instagram – Added ‘Source Rank’ column to the export file when exporting follow back ratio
– Instagram Block Followers – When using the Block specific users option added another option to Add own followers on all accounts. Use it if you want to extract the followers for all of your valid IG accounts and add them in the Block specific users list. Useful when you want to go through all of your followers
– Instagram Like Exchange and IG Global Engagement Tool – When adding posts to like allow urls that do not have www like https://instagram.com/p/xxxx instead of forcing the check with https://www.instagram.com/p/xxxx
– Instagram Contact tool – Added execution time intervals for Auto Extract, Send Message to New Followers and Auto Reply to new Followers tabs. Useful if you do not want the extraction to run all the time
– Instagram Edit Profiles With Spin – Added a button called Update All, useful if you want to update both profile info and profile pic in one go
– Instagram Contact Tool – Optimized sending second message when using the send only if the user has replied option with x retries. From now on there shouldnt be any messages where users have replied and he does not get the second message
– Instagram Two Factor Authentication – Added option to use backup code to login in Profile Details Settings tab when logging in the first time on a new account that has twofactor authentication enabled
– Instagram Two Factor Authentication – When verifying an account that has 2factor authentication enabled if the account logged in before automatically use the backup codes to verify the account
– Instagram – Follow – Sources – Added new source to follow followings of own followers
– Instagram – Contact – Added option to share profiles when sending contact messages

– Linkedin – Connect – Allow canceling requests regardless of the number of connection requests sent

– Facebook – Comment – fixed commenting on walls
– Facebook – Bump – fixed adding the comment to post
– Pinterest – Sync Followers – fixed synchronizing followers
– Pinterest – Sync Boards – fixed synchronizing boards
– Facebook – Contact – Send message – fixed clicking on message button
– Campaign Instagram Posting – Fixed issue with postin on IG TV not working
– Instagram Repost Tool – Fixed issue with tag original user option not working when reposting albums
– Profile Details Scrape Tools – Fixed issue when extracting using additional info all the users were showing as being business
– Campaign – Facebook – Share Posts – fixed link adding with edit post after share
– Instagram – Phone Verification – Fixed issue with EB phone verification
– Tumblr – Unfollow – Make sure that the unfollow action was successfully performed
– Pinterest – Unfollow – fixed detecting the unfollowed user
– Like Exchange – optimised view posts performance
– Campaign – Linkedin – fixed posting
– Campaign – Facebook – fixed clicking on confirm copyright popup
– Facebook – Share post – fixed sharing issue
– Linkedin – Follow – Fix error code 44 issues
– Linkedin – Fixed Unfriend issue
– Twitter – Favorite – Results – Fix update followed back
– Social Platforms – Fixed issue with Engagement Increase not showing the correct up or down image.
– Instagram Global Direct Messages Tool – Fixed issue with some email addresses not being extracted when using the Extract Email Addresses functionality
– Pinterest – fixed scrolling on pages
– Campaign – Facebook – fixed adding photo/video on groups
– Facebook – Bump – closed image in theatre mode before bump
– Instagram Two Factor Authentication – Fixed email verification issue when 2FA is enabled and the account is added for the first time. It used to stay in an Email verification loop now after email verification it goes to Two Factor Authentication Status.
Also the Auto Email verification will automatically use the backup code to login if the account will need email verification.
– Linkedin – Connect – Fix limiting the maximum number of connection requests sent per day
– Social profiles – fixed issue with binary import/clone

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