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Cliqqo is new groundbreaking cloud based link cloaking, redirect, retargeting and split testing app. Everyone needs to track their campaigns and measure how many clicks they are getting, and split testing what works best. Cliqqo does that, with a huge amount of truly unique features included.

You will love using it in your own business, and you can also sell access to your branded version of the app to make easy profit!


Here Are Just Some Of The Groundbreaking Features In Cliqqo:

  • Cloud hosted
    Your users will have nothing to download or install, they just log into your installation of the app and they are ready to get started.
  • Split testing
    Users can enable split testing and make their redirect go to multiple URL’s, so they can see which one is converting best.
  • Super fast
    Users can create their tracking campaign in under a minute, with just 4 simple steps.
  • Short URL system
    A custom short URL can be set up for branded redirects, or auto-generate a random one.
  • Retargeting
    This is a huge feature. Most tracking apps just redirect to a link. Cliqqo lets users add their Facebook (or other platform) retargeting code and caputures the click before they are redirected, building their retargeting audience.
  • Detailed statistics
    A full statistics dashboard is provided for every campaign so users can see more information about their traffic.
  • Unlimited campaigns
    Cliqqo is set up so users can create an unlimited number of campaigns, giving your customers maximum flexibility
  • Password protection
    Optional password protection can be activated, requiring a successful password entry before the redirect will take place.


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