Channel Authority Builder 2 PRO v2.1 Cracked

The perfect tool to help you build authority channels and a lasting business on
A Next Generation Video Marketing System That Helps You To Unlock The Power Of YouTube & Generate Millions Of Views To Your YouTube channel By Discovering Strategies Used By Market Leaders..

This Is The First YouTube Software That Is Focused Totally On Helping Marketers Build Authority Or Target YouTube’s Content Discovery Mechanisms. Most Of The Competing Products Just Go After Keywords Or Search.
Channel Authority Builder is a tool which helps people in content planning to create strategic content that is relevant, targets other videos and can get people long term organic traffic, not from search but from YouTube’s content discovery. This is the strategy you need to unlock 80% of the traffic that you’re not getting targeting only keywords, and to create long-term authority channels.


  • Keyword Rank Tracker – Well, it comes with a keyword rank tracker that lets you monitor how your other videos are ranking for keywords on YouTube over time.
  • Video Stats Monitor – Video stats monitor features lets you monitor all the current statistics of any video on YouTube on a daily basis.
  • Channel Stats Monitor – It helps you to monitor all the current statistics for a channel on everyday basis.
  • Latest Videos From Monitored Channels – Well, this is another innovative feature that lets you discover all the latest videos from all those channels you are monitoring.
  • Sidebar Monitor – Lets you find whether you are appearing on a video’s sidebar and the trends there.
  • Related Channels Finder – with this feature you can quickly find all those channels that is related to a YouTube Channel.
  • Trending Tags Finder – Here you can discover what new tags your competitors are targeting right now for the business to boost their videos.
  • Popular Videos Finder – You can find what new videos from your competitors have actually become popular.

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